I wanna kill all things stage!


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Omg! I'm on day 11 and not only feel bloated but also I'm in such a crappy mood! Oh and did I mention I feel tired?! No significant changes that I can notice either. I was in such anxious mood yesterday and felt like I wasn't getting full after eating! I was craving so much food and felt like dropping the program! But I didn't! :P

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That was me on Thursday too. I was on day 7 and just felt cranky, irritable and had big cravings. Like I wanted to rub my face in bread. I started paying more attention and and had been having potatoes and not enough veggies, so to day I'm trying to shift that and focus more on veggies. I've been eating a lot of protein, but more than veggies, so I think I need to better balance that. Also, I know sugar is an issue for me just from past experience, and I've been having a bit of fruit. I think that's triggering things for me because it's still early, so I'm going to cut back to see if that makes a difference. I was so ready to kill something the other day! Lol!

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