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Absent Minded

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I started January 2.  My W30 has been ever so much more on track and compliant than last time.  And yet I find myself doing things absent mindedly that are somewhat baffling.  Yesterday I lost my phone at work and had the whole office (there are only 4 of us) looking.  Finally found it in a file cabinet, in a file folder with some documents that I had been working with.  I filed it.  

I took a ceramic knife out of the drawer over the weekend.  This knife has a plastic sheath that goes with it.  I used the knife then it went into the dishwasher.  Next day I'm putting away the dishes and the plastic sheath is nowhere to be found.  I'm sure I stuck it somewhere absent mindedly and now I can't find it.  

The cleaning staff just up to empty trash cans.  I took my can out from under my desk so she could empty it.  Then, 2 minutes later, I put it back, unemptied.  She just looked at me and laughed and I had to laugh too but I'm starting to question my sanity.  

There are other things like that.  I don't feel like I'm unfocused.  I don't feel like my head is foggy, but stupid little stuff like that keeps happening to me.  

This is day #12 for me.  Is this normal?  Sometimes I feel like I'm losing my mind.  

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Hunh. Strange!

You'll have to give us a bit more detail on what you've been eating, portions and timing. Fluids? Salt? Starchy veg? Exercise? There might be something that stands out. I wouldn't say that this is common/normal but I have heard similar before (of course if you're nervous, hit up your doctor). Could be a flu you're coming down with?

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Yesterday (the day of the mis-filed cell phone) 

Up at 6:20

16 oz coffee with 3 tbsp coconut milk (home made, nothing but coconut and water)

 15 minutes of meditation 

9:00 breakfast - 2 hard boiled eggs,

11:00 snack - 1 small apple

12:30 lunch:  Leftovers, cabbage and ground beef, roasted cauliflower. 

2:00 - green tea

6:00 dinner - Pork Chop, Mustard Greens, Mashed cauliflower with turmeric and coconut milk.  

Water:  approx 60 oz (I have a 20 oz container at work and another at home.  I think I went through 3 total)

This was actually a light food day for me and while it might seem like I'm not getting enough fat, both lunch and dinner were cooked with liberal quantities of olive oil and coconut oil.  I had planned to have an avocado for breakfast but sadly, when I cut it open it was brown and gross inside, I had to toss it.  

I have been doing Orange Theory Fitness HIIT workout 2 or 3 times a week since I started (which means I've had exactly 4 of these workouts total).  They are ass kicking hard but I enjoy it and really feel good doing it.  I'll be going again tonight.  


Up at 6:00

Coffee with coconut milk

8:30 Breakfast:  Avocado

12:00 lunch:  Tuna Salad (safe catch tuna, home made whole egg mayo) , Leftover mashed cauliflower and collard greens 

2:00 black coffee

4:00 beef jerkey, navel orange (this is my pre workout snack)

5:30 Orange Theory 

7:00 Dinner:  Bison Chorizo, japaneze sweet potatoe hash, broccoli rabe.  

Other than the absent mindedness I feel great.  My mind feels clear, sharp, serene.  

Maybe I'm just getting old.  Maybe I'm always absent minded but just didn't notice. 

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I'm sorry to say that you are not eating enough. Breakfast of just an avocado the day after a breakfast of just 2 eggs chased up by an OTF workout with no post workout meal (dinner doesn't count) is really, really short changing yourself.

You should be eating within an hour of waking and that meal should include 1-2 palms of protein, 1-3 cups of vegetables and 1-2 fat servings. Repeat this in 4-5 hours. Making each meal large enough to keep you going for 4-5 hours negates the need for any snacking. If you do have to eat between your meals, make it a complete "mini" meal or at least protein and fat or protein and veggie.

Pre workout recommendation is protein and fat and post workout (especially following something intense like OTF) is lean protein and starchy veggie. This is in addition to your next meal. 

You could also probably afford to drink more water. Our recommendation is half an ounce per pound of bodyweight and that is before the water required for exercise. Your 60 ounces is great if you weigh 120#. 

Are you salting your food? How's your sleep been? Any headaches?

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Thank you.  My lack of breakfast until later is just time management.  I'm going to endeavor to prepare the night before.  

But my pre and post workout meals defintely need to be tweaked as does my water because when I weighed on day 0 I was 183 and that's 91.5 oz of water a day.  That's a lot.  Does coffee count?  Oh, and I drink a full 20 oz while working out.  

I'm sleeping OK, not great.  Waking up 2-3 times a night but falling right back to sleep.  

No headaches. I don't feel hungry.  

Tomorrow's Saturday and I'll have time to prepare for the week.  I'm going to have to get my breakfast situation sorted out. 

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