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A new life, or, Going back to way I was raised


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I was brought into Whole30 by my sister. She had told me about some podcasts she was listening to (Robb Wolf) andthen she came home with his book. I readit after her, and really enjoyed it. It was written well, just the right level of snark :), it read more like a conversation than someone preaching, it made a lot of sense, and the eating he was promoting sounded Very familiar. It was basically the way we had eaten growing up. Meat, vegetable, salad. Potatoes and corn were often present but weren't considered a veg. We could pass up a serving of those, but Not the veggies. Breadwas often on the table, for dad. We weren't encouraged to eat it. Pasta was an occasional dinner item. Pop was Very, very rare.

Then my sister started talking about the Hartwigs; she had just listened to the podcast with them. And she went into research mode, it's her thing. She wanted usto read It Starts WithFood. I was getting more and more interested, so I bought it when i took a "me night" at the bookstore. She ripped through it and kept asking "Are you done yet?", no pressure right? :) we had started paying more attention to what we were eating, weaning ourselves towards paleo. We set a start date, made a tri out to Whole Foods, and we were off.

I honestly didn't know What to expect. I wanted to stop eating so much crap, knew there was a strong correlation between food source and illness, and scared about my future. Both of my parents have died from cancer; dad from a brain stem tumor, mom only 2 years ago we moved her into out home while she died from pancreatic cancer. That one was fast, not quite 4 months. I turned to food durig that time, not so much to eat for solace, but to cook and bake to provide comfort to the family. Then I couldn't even do that because cooking smells made mom nauseous. So we started eating more convenience foods. We gave up pop, for a few months.

I started working again. Pop, and snackig crept in. The convenience store in my building became a nearly daily place to go. Pop for lunchtime. A bag of chips because I just couldn't eat a sandwich without something crunchy. Salt more than sugar is my fiend.

So my clothes started getting fittigmire snugly. I went from dressing up every day in my unique fashion to convenience dressing, layering, camoflaging. I didn't want my booty to start conforming to my chair as I see happening to many a fellow state worker.

So... In 30 days, that were much easier than I ever thought possible (no peanut butter & jelly sandwiches?!?) I have lost 2 sizes. I started out at 145 lbs. I haven't weighed myself yet, I keep forgetting to! Banishing the scale was so freeing! I hadn't quite realized how much I had tied my feeling of self worth to that damnable number. I'll be going back to the doctors in a month, I may just wait until then to step on the scale. I can't find my measurements I had taken ti compare. Here's how I know I'm in a better place though: jeans I couldn't even button up on August 15th, fit great, & are even a little baggy aster just 2 wearings. Dresses I avoided wearing for the past year because they were difficult to get over my chest and then pulled embarrasingly, fit! My acne (face and chest) has decreased, my skin

feels nicer, and my facial redness has decreased significantly. My moodswings/ ability to handle stress have always been pretty bad. Made worse by being embarresed at my inability ti control my emotions. While this particular demon isn't Gone, it has decreased. In the last month I've had 2 or 3 Bad days rather than 2 or 3 a week. I've dealt with off and on depression for all of my adult life (a contributing factor ti the previous issue) and had just started counseling again before whole30. He's highly impressed, and has started looking into the Whole9 as another tool yo be utilized. I feel like I've found my Happy again. I feel lighter, happier, healthier than I have....ever. Imagine what I'll feel like when I get exercise back in! I am hope-filled for the changes that will continue to happen as I continue to implement the Whole9. Thank you

Oh, and one more thing! In the past year I had become much more aware of the treatment of our food animals. I greatly appreciate the way that whole30 brings attention to this issue. We are truly what we eat eats :)

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