Peanut sensitivity?


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It's day 31 today and I reintroduced peanut butter today. Nothing fancy,  just plain natural peanut butter...No added sugar or anything.  I had it with a banana. About an hour after,  I felt like I was hit by a truck. I felt so run down and sluggish. Can this be caused  by the peanut butter?  I had a great night's sleep so I know for sure it's not that. The only thing different today was the peanut butter. 

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Of course it can.

Log everything you eat and how you feel afterward. And remember to go back to Whole30 for at least two days after each reintro day (more if you are still feeling sluggish).

And, after your other reintro's you can always try peanut butter again to see what happens. :)

(If I had peanut butter with a banana, especially after a meal, I might feel sluggish . . . but not like I was hit by a truck.

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