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February 5 Start Date - Anyone Else?


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Hi, All! I started the Whole30 after a friend posted a success story. I've been looking for something to help lose some baby weight, and changing how I looked at food seemed like a natural start! Not to mention, she lost 14lbs on her Whole30, which was inspiring! I started February 5th, 6 days after her instagram post. I took the time to prepare and use up the non-compliant groceries I bought that week. I feel great so far. I've had lots of energy the last two days, I feel proud, and I feel committed. I am breastfeeding my 4-month old son, so I never let myself get hungry, but I feel awesome about my choices. I'm just worried right now about when I'll stop feeling good. I had/have such a big sweet tooth that I know my body must start missing it soon. 

Any other (presumably non-football fans) Whole30ers start on Superbowl Sunday?

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