I'm going to DO THIS! Starting February 23, 2017.


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Hi! I'm a 58 year old school nurse for 950 elementary students. As an RN for nearly 37 years, I've placed taking care of others over myself. As I get older, I realize it's catching up to me. I've battled fibromyalgia and chronic Lyme Disease for many years. The fatigue, pain and depression that's gone along with these have kept me feeding that sugar dragon and feeling worse and worse. I weighed 117 pounds when I got married at 30.  I' ve gained 30 pounds over the years and feel so bad when I look in the mirror. I looked at the Whole 30 before, but thought it sounded too difficult to carry off. But last week I decided I'm going to do this! It's hard to imagine I can get to where I won't want sugar, but I'm going to trust the Hartwig's on this. I can do it!!!

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The schools around here don't have nurses anymore. 8( I have such fond memories of my younger years and the care that she gave me when I was little.

I too have gained about 30 pounds and I contribute it to menopause. I have started down the slippery slope of "bad food choices" and want to climb back up.

I hope we can help each other out TeiciaAnn and give support too though out this journey.

I hope you can slay that sugar dragon for good. That guy is beastly. Also, I know that you will feel so much better after completing this program. I just know it.

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I'm not following a food plan. I hate to focus my life on food. So I tend to make sure that my fridge is stocked with the good stuff then I don't have to think about it too much. Maybe that is why I don't lose a ton of weight when I'm following this program. But the other victories I experience far outweigh that.

I got through day 1. I'm excited for today.

Are you keeping a journal? Thoughts, feelings, and experiences? It's rather entertaining to go back even just a few days and read what you felt was important to write down. It helps me to keep looking forward after seeing what I have done. 8)

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