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Newbie: Day 11 are we getting Sick + other questions


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Hubby, the teens & I are all on the whole30 for the 1st time.

We are on Day 11 & we have done very well,

The Kids gave in to a small piece of cake at a wedding but other than that we are on track...

The last few days we started feeling like we were getting sick, I even had the ringing in my head when I first got up.

I looked at that hangover day chart & until recently we were right on track even with that.

It's like we tooks a step back, sleepy, exhausted really, & a buzzy head.

Any tips or encourgement on shared expereinces?

2nd- Hubby & I also felt like it was too much meat...our digestion feels slow.

b4 whole 30 we would eat meat & veggie type meals alternate days of the week...

Any tips on how to make our meals a little lighter & more high carbs , hubby works 15 hr days on his feet he needs tips as well?

Thanks :) Kris

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If you have not been eating meat regularly, you might need digestive enzymes to get your stomach up to speed with eating meat at least 3 times per day. Super Enzymes by Now Foods are used by lots of people. Most people don't need them permanently, just until your stomachs adjust to eating meat steadily.

Sweet potatoes and butternut squash are great sources of carbs. If your husband is on his feet every day, he probably needs a good-size sweet potato every day. White potatoes are out, but other good choices are turnips and rutabagas. You can cook them much like you do potatoes. They have a little more character and a lot more good nutrition.

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I would have thought we would have been adjusted to meat bc we eat them about 4times a week. I wiil def pick those up. We love all of those squashes & sweet potatos. We did struggle to eat more of them this week bc we eat usually more varied & feel slow when we don't, so those enzymes should help that.

Thank you :)

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