Day 23, no sleep and feeling terrible!

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I'm on day 23 and I'm miserable. I haven't slept in the entire 3 weeks. I'm exhausted and I can't even function.

Before starting the WHOLE 30, I ate anything and everything. I've gained 70 pounds in the last 4 years and needed a change. My husband I decided to go all in.

We have followed every rule. I read all the labels. Cooking and prep is exhausting but I do it like it's my job. We are also working out for the first time in years.

On top of not sleeping, I have acne, fatigue and bowel issues. Please help as Imuch so exhausted I literally want to cry.

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Could you let us know what a typical day or two of meals looks like, including approximate portion sizes as they relate to the meal template (you can download that here: )

For sleep, there are some tips here that might help:  Also, some people find that including a serving of starchy vegetables in their last meal of the day helps their sleep.

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Most mornings I have 2 hard boiled eggs and either fruit or vegetables. Today was 2 eggs with sweet potato hash browns.

Lunch is a cup of tuna or chicken salad with home made mayo and 2 handfuls of veggies.

Dinner meat and veggies or a recipe out of the Whole30 Cookbook. 

I cook everything in coconut oil, clarified butter or Olive oil.


I've also tried everything in the sleep article. I'm at a loss.

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