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Need help reading labels!


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I am doing whole 30 but was also recommended to do the Cultao ultra Cleansing System. 

It's a vegetarian formula.

however I'm not sure how something like corn silk or guar gum (though, natural) might go against the rules of whole30.

I have little prior knowledge concerning labels and nutrition. 


See anything that is a Whole30 "NO"?



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I'm going to comment more on why you want to do this with a Whole30, rather than whether it's compliant.  If you're doing a Vegetarian Whole30 then unless you're eating only eggs as protein, you're already consuming non compliant items.

That said, I would strongly recommend that you do either one OR the other... if you do both, how will you be able to troubleshoot if you're not sure what is causing the issue... on the same hand, how will you know what results were from what thing?

I'm not sure who recommended this to you but Whole30 does not recommend 'cleanse' type supplements or programs during Whole30.

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