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Day 1 - tomorrow... the jitters


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I'm Annie... turned 50 this year... have about 100lbs to lose... and hopefully some energy.. and a sound night's sleep.. ohhhhh that would be so nice... maybe even the ability to completely relax even if I'm not asleep... is that asking too much??

I'm prepared for the first 48 hours to be hard... then a bit easier... then a bit harder at day 10 or so??.. throw in a holiday and you've got a perspective on why I have the jitters...


I'm committed.

I'm committed to doing this perfectly for 30 days.

No cheats.

No excuses.

Laser sharp focus to slide into June 13th celebrating my successful completion of the 30 days.

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Good luck to you both!!! You can do it!!

I was absolutely freaked the night before I started and here I am now on the eve of Day 15. The halfway point! I feel that I am building a lot of great new habits that are helping me keep it going with ease. I am sure you will too! :-)

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Annie, you can do it and you will learn a ton along the way. Being scared is okay—to me that says that you are willing to experience new things, and that is good!

Keep us updated and enjoy your Whole30!

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