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Typical dairy reintro reaction? or FODMAP complication?

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I received some insight as to why I was having severe digestive reactions later in the program and  cut out the FODMAP foods (except coffee....what can I say...I'm addicted)  for a couple days.

Then yesterday I did a reintro of dairy...cream in coffee, butter for cooking fat, mozzarella cheese with lunch and dinner.  (egg and turkey with spinach for breakfast, carrots and mozz for snack (work shift kind of prevented an actual lunch), and then chicken breast, mozz cheese, bell peppers, tomatoes and green beans)

So, while I realize that a lot of dairy products fall on the FODMAP radar (although I have found conflicting data on FODMAPs from different reputable resources) I really felt that my negative digestive reactions in the final half of the program were due to overexposure of specific FODMAPs (2X daily broccoli, garlic, shallot, avocado + more).  So I kind of thought that the added variety of the dairy (to which I have NEVER had any indication of sensitivity) would be good for my system. 

I didn't notice any real sensitivity reactions to the dairy (actually, my running speed/mileage increased significantly...???) until right before bed when I had the most liquid BM of the entire program.

Is this a typical "dairy sensitivity" reaction? or could that have been a FODMAP reaction (even though it was a different FODMAP than the ones to which I thought I was temporarily sensitized)?

I'm a little frustrated because before the program I had wide variety in my diet, and pretty great digestion most of the time.  However, now I am reaping many of the Whole30 benefits (energy, motivation, stamina, decreased joint inflammation, decreased manifestations of my ADD, anxiety, etc.) only to have physical symptoms comparable to IBS.  wtf:huh:

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Dairy can be a tricky one because as adult mammals our bodies stop producing the digestive enzyme required for efficiently digesting dairy when we stop ingesting it.

That said it could be that your gut had formed a protective mucosal layer pre Whole30 when you were eting dairy on a regular basis. This protective layer would have shed during the past 30 days and so your gut would be more sesnitive to any foods that might cause it issue. The reason most people react to dairy is because of the sugars in it & their inability to process them fully - ie. the fact that it is a high FODMAP food, regardless of their sensitivity to other FODMAPs; and since you think you have a problem with over exposure to certain other FODMAPs then it stands to reason that you'd have reacted to the dairy too.

I'd be inclined to go back to Whole30 eating for a few days to allow the symptoms to settle & then re-try.

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