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Road Trip to Visit Family and Friends


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I am leaving for a short road trip to visit some family and friends this weekend. My parents are super supportive and have been stocking up on Whole30 compliant food for me. However, my first stop will be to a friend's house. I am planning on packing a little cooler. The drive is just under 6 hours.

Ideas for snacks or meals on the go? I cannot find compliant jerky that is available in a grocery or coop. Has anyone found this in store rather than online? I leave Friday so I am a little tight on time. I am located in Minneapolis. Any other ideas?

My friend also wants to go out for dinner. I am 15 days in and have only eaten out once because I am a little leery about finding compliant food.

Any advice from seasoned veterans? Or other road warriors?

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You can get gourmet grassfed (compliant) jerky at the Wedge Co-op (original flavor only--the cherry has sugar)--they have it at the butcher counter, just ask if you don't see it there.

I've done well packing the following in a cooler: hard boiled eggs, lightly steamed broccoli, cubed roasted sweet potatoes, cherry tomatoes, blueberries, bananas, apples, the gourmet grassfed jerky, those single serve envelopes of almond or cashew or coconut butter (artisania makes these), trail mix I make with macadamia nuts, coconut flakes, sprouted almonds, dried cranberries.

For resturants, an undressed salad with a hunk of protein is my go-to (bunless burger, chicken breast, salmon, etc.). If you see avocado anywhere on the menu, ask for that added to the salad or on the side as well.

have a fun trip!

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I'm also from Minneapolis, hi ladies :)

Good to know on the jerky from The Wedge, that makes me really happy! In terms of packing, if you have a cooler you can probably bring anything you want if the trip is only 6 hours but in addition to what Missmary said I would add apples or oranges, baby carrots or sliced cucumbers with guac (pre-made spicy from Trader joe's is awesome), homemade apple, kale, sweet potato, beet, etc chips are good for travel. Frozen shrimp (pre-cooked) will thaw and you can dip them in anything compliant for more protein.

As for eating out, I always call ahead to ask what their practices are and to see if they can alter certain things. In Minneapolis the places that have been pretty easy to remain complaint are: Fogo de chao (although not grassfed), Brasa Rotisserie, Zelo, Barbette, French Meadow, chipotle...

Good luck and have fun on your trip!

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