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Aspirin With zorcor

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My wife and I started Whole30 on 05/012017.  We ate a lot of salads and pretty healthy to begin with.  Only changes were dairy, bread, and sugar or sugar substitutes. So far so good.

I feel silly posting here, because my issue is not severe and I have no pain to deal with.

While I was reading the Whole30 book, I discovered on page 102 the article on NSAIDS.  I have a small calcium spot behind my heart and my doctor prescribes generic Zocor and a small dose aspirin daily.  I have been trying to convince the doctor otherwise, but no luck so far.

My question is this with the aspirin, am I spinning my wheels on Whole30? It is a small dose. Can someone advise me?

Thanks in advance.

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I"m sorry, I don't quite understand your question... are you asking if your Whole30 is all for naught if you take the asprin?  THe answer to that is no, take the asprin, your Whole30 is still fine.  Doctor's orders trump Whole30 and in general, Advil (and it's generics), Tylenol (again, and it's generics) and asprin/nsaids are fine.

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