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My Post Whole 30 Life

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Hi guys! I haven't posted in so long! My w30 ended more than a couple of weeks ago and I've been doing a pretty slow re-intro. Still haven't reintro'd beans or soy  or corn or rice. Although I've probably consumed them in oil form when I've eaten out. Re-intro looked like this: I wanted a crab cake so I ate a freakin crab cake, then back to template. That happened twice. Then I tried to be a bit more official with my reintro, so I added some  peanuts and, thankfully, no adverse results! Went back to W30, then loosened the reins on added sugar etc when eating out.

One day, all I had at home was p-butter and wheat bread. I ate half a slice and got a stomachache later. Then one time I had some dairy because I wanted it and THAT was a MISTAKE. My body was like "girl, stop playin". But I pretty much knew that about dairy.  I did find that any time I ate something that wasn't a pure homemade W30 meal, I felt itchy all over. I attribute that to my body just not being  used to all of these outside ingredients.

I've reintro'd alcohol by way of tequila because I read something about the sugar content in distilled alcohol being much less than that of wines, etc. Never been a tequila fan, but I discovered the 100% agave reposado and anejo tequilas and can drink them without any adverse affects. In moderation! I've had some in moderation and some in not-so-much moderation ( ahem like this past wkend) and duh! moderation is better. LOL I can definitely say that I'm experiencing some slight joint inflammation due to that. Worth the re-set!

The sugar dragon is just not a problem for me, thank goodness. I volunteered at an event where I had to buy a ton of candy. Not a candy eater but after a long ill prepared day, I ate some squishy sugary thing and a mini milky way. Stomachache. NOT worth it. I just don't like the way sugar makes me feel anyway. so again, it didn't awaken anything in me.

OH! My off plan items have been mostly SWYPO . Like I'm lovin that egg/banana pancake with nut butter. It's postW30 so i can do what i want baby! haha and maybe a few more fries than necessary (along with a salad and protein)

What else? Oh i've been working out a lot. I think exercising kind of makes up the difference in terms of any energy dips or puffiness you could experience from not being 100% on plan (or enjoying tequila.)

Hm i guess I'd sum up this experience as... empowering?  I find when I'm hungry I crave protein and fat now. The other day I thought about how my breakfasts used to be so carb based. And probably so many of meals, period. I don't feel restricted, I feel freer. Like I know I CAN eat whatever I want, but I'm in a place where I can choose what's best for me(example--chips? Ok I'll have a few) and what's not ( example==Ok, I see these chips may be a problem for me, so no. pass!) and I find template meals to be the most satisfying anyway. 

I need to re-intro beans soon. I just haven't needed to or wanted to. But we'll see how that goes.


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