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Newbie crossfitter Justina's Whole 30


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First day of the Whole 30 completed!

BF: 3 scrambled eggs, 1/2 c oven baked sweet potato, 1 c sauteed kale and mushrooms w garlic

Snack: 6 macadamias and 1/2 apple

Lunch: beef (1/2 c) stir fry with carrot, zucchini, capsicum and bok choy plus a banana and a couple of macadamias

Snack: carrot with 1 tbsp cashew butter

Dinner: beef mince (1/4 c) carrot/celery/onion/garlic hash with 1 c roasted butternut pumpkin and homemade bacon(1/4 c)+roasted tomato sauce and 1 c spinach, plus cinnamon tea for "dessert".

Feeling pretty good - maybe a little bit hungry, but I picked a "hard" day to start as Saturdays where my husband works nights are usually my worst nights in terms of poor food choices. Tried two days prior to starting for "test-driving" the changes - only had my cappuccino and a handful of corn chips on Thursday and my cap + 5 squares of chocolate on Friday which were obviously not whole 30 approved! Now I'm on to black coffee and finding another way of carrying me over till I've had time to make dinner.

Have not yet sat down to write specific goals - was meant to this afternoon but my sister-in-law had her baby so priorities changed! What I want to achieve revolves more around my gastrointestinal health rather than my appearance as I have coeliac disease (well controlled - never cheat) and soy intolerance plus clearly a few other things as my stomach has been very quiet and pleasant the last couple of days when I haven't even done a full whole 30 diet until today. Hmm.. have a feeling those amazing gluten free baked goodies I have mastered aren't doing me any good. But I would like to lean out a little bit so I did my measurements this morning:

- Waist thinnest: 74 cm

- Hips widest: 106 cm

- Thigh widest: 59 cm

- Mid upper arm: 28 cm

- Chest: 87 cm

My scales conveniently ran out of battery this morning, but I usually hover around 69kg.

I also do crossfit 4-5 days a week (3 weeks in and loving it). My class is at 6am in the morning and I go straight to work after so organising a PWO meal and breakfast is definitely going to be my biggest challenge as I would normally have a protein shake PWO and cereal/yoghurt/berries at work - very easy!! Will have to do a large cook-up tomorrow so I'm prepared for the week.

Wow, this turned out to quite the essay! I'm aiming to check in at least every couple of days as I know it will help motivation heaps.


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It is no surprise you were "a little bit hungry" because I suspect you need to double your protein portions at lunch and dinner. The Whole30 standard is a protein portion as big as the palm of your hand at each meal and you can double the protein portion if you are experiencing hunger. And doing CrossFit workouts means you should do pre- and post-workout meals. Maybe a couple of boiled eggs for a pre-workout snack and a piece of chicken breast and maybe some sweet potato as a post-workout meal. Intense workouts mean you need bonus meals. The amazing thing about eating the Whole30 way is that you can lean out even when you are eating enough to not feel hungry. In fact, feeling hungry generally means you are not eating enough, although sometimes the problem is needing to drink more water.

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Thanks Tom, I did up my protein today and what do you know? I felt great! Also drank heaps more water so that could have helped too.

Day two done!

Sleep: 7.5hrs

5 am BF: 4 scrambled eggs, kale+mushroom sauteed, roasted sweet potato, blueberries

10 am Snack: 1/2 mango with a drizzle coconut cream

12.30 Lunch: 1/4 roast chicken, salad with avocado, roasted pumpkin

Snack: Banana with 1tbsp cashew butter

Dinner: Roasted lamb shoulder (approx 100g) with cabbage/mango/macadamia salad plus salsa verde

Had a big cooking session today - bone broth, mayo, chicken and sweet potato fritters for my breakfasts this week, pre-cooked some sweet potato and pumpkin, roasted a chicken and a lamb shoulder - so hopefully we're set for the week now!

First day of crossfit+whole30 tomorrow so will be interesting to see how that goes!


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Day three completed!

Pre WO meal 4.30am: black coffee and handful macadamias

Post WO meal 7am: 2 HB eggs

Meal 1- 7.50am: 3 chicken+sweet potato patties (200g) plus a salad w avocado and 2 tbsp home made cinnamon apple sauce, plus 1/4 cup blueberries w drizzle coconut cream, spearmint tea

Snack: 1/2 cucumber, 2 pickles, 8 black olives, green tea

Meal 2- 1pm: leftover dinner from yesterday (lamb-200g, mango cabbage salad, salsa), plus an orange, spearmint tea

Snack 4pm: celery sticks w cashew butter

Meal 3- 7pm: 100g chicken, bone broth chilli soup w roasted sweet potato "chips" and 1/4 avocado

Wow, that looks like so much food! I think I might be snacking too much? Felt really good all day though- no mid-afternoon lull or anything - it helped having the celery sticks while walking to the train as I was able to come home and cook dinner without raiding the cupboards!

Workout today was good but felt a bit slow especially in the start of the session. Maybe I'll try the 2 eggs pre and chicken+squash post tomorrow and see how that goes.


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Just a qucik note to say that the WOD rocked today! No cloudy head or feeling slow, and really felt like I was kicking goals throughout the session! Had 2 eggs and a black coffee pre WOD and 1/2 chicken breast + 1/3 c squash post WOD. Haha.. looks like the experts know what they're talking about (thanks Tom)!

Goal for today - no snacking between meal 1 and 2 as I think this is just a "habit snack" rather than a "if I don't eat something I'm going to starve snack".


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Day four done!

Sleep: 7.5hrs

Pre WOD 4.30: black coffee and 2 HB eggs

Post WOD 7am: 1/2 chicken breast, 1/3 c butternut squash

Meal 1 7.50: same as meal 1 yesterday

Meal 2 12.45: same as dinner yesterday + an orange

Meal 3 6pm: roast lamb leftovers, cauliflower coconut mash (LOVED THIS!), green beans + 1/3 of a mango

No snacking in between meals today, and I didn't even get "hangry" in the 4-6pm window and was able to make dinner + prepare tomorrows meals before eating. According to the whole 30 emails I should be feeling all sorts of terrible right now and since I'm not I've started wondering if I'm doing it right?!


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I made it another day!

Pre WOD 4.30 + Post WOD 7.00: same as yesterday

Meal 1 7.50: same as yesterday minus avocado plus home made mayo

Meal 2 12.30: same as dinner yesterday + an orange

Meal 3 6.30: sweet potato coconut soup, stir fried beef, avocado and asparagus

This probably seems very repetitive, but it's the only way I can make it work in my day - and it doesn't feel boring which I guess is the main thing! Loving all the food:)

No snacking today either! I do feel hunger pangs around 11am but nothing too severe. The gap between meal 1 and 2 was a little big today and I could feel myself almost losing my patience a few times in the 30 min leaving up to dinner but didn't let myself go down that path.

The WOD was crazy! A total of 105 burpees in total with scaled pull ups and kettlebell push ups also in the mix - I thought I was going to DIE! But I made it and it felt awesome:)

Best news of the day though? My husband is keen to go paleo too after seeing all the delicious meals I've been having! He's got a serious addiction to melted cheese sandwiches so this could be interesting.


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One week completed! Wow, that really flew by.

Yesterday (Thurs)

Pre-WOD: 2HB eggs + black coffee

Post-WOD: 1/3c squash + tuna

Meal 1: same as mon/tue/wed

Meal 2: same as Wed dinner + orange

Snack 1: olives, pickles, cherry tomatoes

Snack 2: 1 small cup bone broth

Meal 3: homemade bolognese lamb mince sauce, zucchini spaghetti (LOVED these - from Well Fed), mushrooms and eggplant + 1/3 mango

Very hungry in the afternoon today and on the verge of cranky, but managed to keep it together. Might have been brought on by CAKE in the office at morning tea - I stayed strong though and clutched my teacup tight:)

Today (Friday)

Pre-WOD, Post-WOD and Meal 1: same as Thur

Meal 2: same as meal 3 yesterday + orange

Snack: 1 cup bone broth w lamb sausage and sauerkraut

Meal 3: leftover bolognese sauce, mushrooms, capsicum, squash and baby spinach bowl with homemade mayo + 1/3 mango

A few challenges today: 1) a previous colleague brought in thank-you gifts for everyone in the office, wich included CHOCOLATES! I promptly gave mine away once she had left; 2) a few months ago a friend asked me if I would bake the cake for her birthday party - of course I said yes - today was the day! Had to brace myself for an afternoon of baking and a late meal 3 with some nourishing bone broth and delicious organic lamb sausage my husband had cooked up. I made it through baking without so much as licking a chocolate covered finger! Man did it feel odd though;) Now I'll just have to make it through tomorrows party clean.

And in other news: husband is on day 2 of clean whole 30 eating! He's loving the food as long as I cook it or give him an idea, and admitted he almost had a sandwich at home today because it would have been easy, but resisted and cooked some sausage instead and had it with veggies. So proud of him.


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Ten days done!

Busy weekend but stuck to the rules - even had breakfast out on Sunday, and starting to like my coffee black:)

Another massive cooking session yesterday: roast chicken, salmon and sweet potato patties, pork mince and sweet potato patties, ox tail bone broth (this turned out awesome!), savoury pork mince, pesto, braised beef cheek stew with parsnip mash, and roasted pumpkin cubes.

Plan for the week:

- Pre-WOD and post-WOD meals will stay the same this week (2 HB eggs, then some clean protein+pumpkin)

- Meal 1's will be pork or salmon sweet potato patties with salad vegetables, mayo and apple sauce plus a kiwifruit

- Meal 2's will be leftovers from the night before plus a fruit (probably orange or mango - so delicious at the moment!)

- Meal 3: whatever takes our fancy in the fridge!

This seemed to work really well last week, particularly since I had part cooked most things on the weekend and I was just putting together meat, veggies and seasonings/sauces.

Today, monday day 10:

Meal 2: braised beef cheek with parsnip mash and green beans (beef cheek was so tender and so affordable!)

Meal 3: 1 cup ox tail bone broth, then san choy bow-ish fried pork mince and veggies in lettuce cups

No snacking today which was HARD, but only because it was a slow day at work and everyone else had chocolates!


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Day twelve completed!

Day 11s meal 3: vindaloo beef curry (meat slow cooked on weekend) with riced cauliflower, silverbeet and carrots, 1/3 mango

Day 12s meal 3: chicken marylands with pesto sauce, baked sweet potato fries and mango, avocado, macadamia green salad

All this pre-cooking on the weekend is really such a life-saver, feel like I've got hours to spare in the evenings (even though I go to bed at 8.30) which is so relaxing. We've also changed from eating in front of the TV to eating at the table so I guess that stops you getting stuck in the sofa for the rest of the evening.

One of the girls at work who is there as early as me and and also has her breakfast there is so intrigued by what I have to eat! She doesn't understand how I can eat dinner for breakfast but I explained that I'm trying to see what cutting out sugar, grains, legumes, seed oils and dairy from my diet would feel like (since I already am so sensitive to gluten and soy) and she was very supportive!

Husband is going mostly well, he had a bit of a binge at work on a weekend evening shift (too hard to stay away from free food!), but is eating mostly paleo which is a step in the right direction.


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Two weeks!!!

Feeling great and smashed out a PB deadlift today! Good way to start the weekend. Skin is starting to clear up which is encouraging and one of my motivations for going for the whole 30.

- Meal 3, day 13: lamb mince bolognese (in freezer from last week), zucchini noodles, grilled mushrooms, plus 1/4 banana and 1/6 mango with coconut chips.

- Meal 3, day 14: repeat of Monday's san choy bau-ish meal using up the last of the pork mince since hubby is not home, I was lazy and it was yummy:) plus two medjool dates to finish the day off!

Sitting down tomorrow to make a meal plan for next week as well since this week has been such a breeze.


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Day 17 completed.

With husband away all weekend and horrible weather so stuck inside, I found it a little hard to stay clean but I did it!

Weekends cook up: beef mince with onion and marinaded pork chops, pork & sweet potato patties for meal 1, roasted butternut pumpkin for post-WOD.


M1: 3 egg omelet, mushrooms, avocado, baby spinach and sweet potato fries

Snack: 8 macadamias

M2: Mackerel and green salad

Snack: olives and gherkins in mayo dip

M3: pork and sweet potato patties with a stir fry of capsicum, carrot and silverbeet


M1: 4 egg omelet, silverbeet, mushrooms, avocado, sweet potato mash

Snack: apple slices with cashew butter

M2: Sardines and salad

Snack: blueberries and coconut cream

M3: Roast lamb with butternut pumpkin and pecan bake (from Well Fed) and broccoli, watermelon slice


Pre-WOD: 2 HB eggs and a black coffee, post-WOD: tuna and pumpkin

M1: pork and sw pot patties with a salad and mayo

M2: leftover dinner from yesterday

M3: lamb bone broth, beef mince, stir fried carrot and capsicum, roasted beetroot, sunshine sauce (Well Fed - so yummy!)

Got some Magnesium tablets today - for some reason my sleep has gotten slightly worse since around Thursday last week so maybe it can help? Not sure why I haven't been sleeping as soundly though, no new stressors or anything - hopefully it'll pass!


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