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Meg's 1st Whole30 starting 6/14


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June 14th-Day 1

First day was easy,  because i'm so excited to reset my body!  I spent the majority of the day meal prepping in the kitchen and working in my garden. Something about working with plants in the sunshine inspires me even more to complete the Whole30.  My biggest struggle is snacking, i'm more prone to grab a snack opposed to eating a meal. I'm keeping my snacking limited, I know it's against the rules. But, I'm human and have moments of weakness, I think grabbing for some nuts and not chips is a huge step in the right direction. 

Breakfast:Scrambled eggs with sautéed mushrooms and peppers on a bed of mixed greens with sprouts and avocado. 

Lunch:Grilled shrimp with lemon, salad, sweet potatoes, and chicken. 

Dinner:Curried sloppy Joes with turmeric fried cauliflower rice on a bed of greens.

Snacks: Macadameion nuts, almond butter ( Craving something sweet and salty) 

Day 2

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with sautéed mushrooms and kale on top of mashed sweet potatoes topped with sprouts and avocado. 

Lunch: Grilled shrimp salad with dump ranch and cashews.

Dinner: Leftover Curried sloppy joes on greens with dump ranch. 

Snacks: Cashews, celery with almond butter. 

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Day 3- Today was hard, many temptations. I firecly felt the 3 day hump, for sure detoxing. I woke up running to the bathroom and had an upset stomach all day. This resulted in me not eating much, which I think has made things worse.  I also experienced a mild headache. I'm drinking loads of water and herbal tea.  My boyfriend and friend hung out at our place tonight. They were drinking my favorite IPA and eating buttery,doughy pasta.....GOD I wanted to so badly shove my face in the pasta.  I love carbs and gluten..........I survived though! 

Breakfast: Sweet potato toast with almond butter, chia, hemp seed, and a dash of cinnamon. 

Lunch: I was out and about running around, I totally understand the necessity of "being prepared".  I had a hard time recovering after lunch. I ate a deviled egg, veggies, and apple and mango. 

Dinner: Grilled steak with noodles, kale, and cremini mushrooms.  


I need to up my fat intake. Day 4 will be much better! 

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