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Feeling Awful

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I am currently on day 14 of my 2nd Whole30 attempt, I was breastfeeding during the first and it affected my milk production so I had to call it quits. I began having sharp stomach pains yesterday after lunch. It went away before dinner and then came back after I ate. This morning, it was back again after I ate breakfast and was actually causing me to be slightly nauseous at times. The thought of food made me feel worse so I didn't have lunch and instead vomited up my breakfast. As I sit here now, I still have a sharp pain in my stomach and can't even think about eating anything. I have included my weekend meals below. I hate to say that I'm contemplating throwing in the towel because I had been feeling good up until these recent spells and I really want to finish this but I can't risk feeling this way for 2 more weeks!


B- 2 eggs, sweet potato, leftover salsa chicken (just slow cooker chicken with compliant salsa), quarter of an avocado

Larabar mid-morning after playing a soccer game (long drive home and ate lunch within the next hour)

L - Leftover pork carnitas over spinach with homemade bbq sauce, apple ~1 hour after lunch

D - Hamburger with sweet potato bun, lettuce, jalepenos, & red pepper mayo. Sauteed veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, & carrots) and an apple ~1 hour after dinner


B - 3 egg omelet with spinach, sweet potato and leftover salsa chicken

L - 1/2 hamburger with lettuce and red pepper mayo, 2 1/2 buffalo meatballs, sauteed veggies, and brussel sprouts

Stomach pain started shortly after lunch and last about an hour and a half. Ate an apple about a half hour after pain subsided.

D - Salad greens, baked potato, hard boiled egg, avocado, and a little bbq sauce. A few bites of chopped up pears/peaches/grapes

Again, had stomach pain following this meal but only lasted about an hour this time.


B - Spicy beef (I believe cookbook recipe) & eggs over kale and spinach with a little hot sauce. 3 pieces of chopped pineapple

Stomach pain began shortly after finishing this meal (ate around 6:30). I ate 1/2 a Larabar at 9:30 and the other half an hour later thinking maybe it was just hunger. Pain did not subside and continued to noon, which is when I vomited everything from this morning, and still no pain relief. 

Should I tough it out and finish? Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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I'm sorry you are hurting. This does not sound like a whole30-related effect, and you may need to see a doctor to rule out anything serious.

Other things to consider: Are you eating any foods you don't normally consume? Have you had pains like this before? Gas pains can be quite severe.


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The only food I haven't had before was brussel sprouts. I thought that's what it was at first but I didn't have any today so that was out.

I cant remember having these pains any other time, no. 

i was thinking maybe it was from having too much of something, like spinach, based on some of the other threads I've read. I would have spinach before but not this consistently. I just wasn't sure if that is an actual possibility.

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