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Meal Prep Group - VA/DC/MD??

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Whole30-ers in the Northern VA, DC, MD area!!!

I am a Whole30 devotee but my schedule makes it a challenge to maintain. I love the way I feel when I stick to whole, clean eating but it is so much easier to just order pizza on those long days and late nights. Unfortunately, my first two rounds of Whole30 did not awaken in me an undiscovered love of cooking...I still hate it. I don't want to come home and spend any time in the kitchen after work but I'm happy to whip up one or two (double size) meals over the weekend...but then I'm sick of each by Thursday.

So...what if we coordinate a group of people who can cook one or two meals (double, triple, quadruple recipe) and then we all swap with one another?!

I just thought of this so I don't have the details worked out quite yet but envision the following details:

  • approximate price range for each meal so we all come out mostly even
  • standard packaging for servings
  • single drop-off/pick-up location (anyone have an unused fridge?)
  • ~1 hour window for drop-off/pick-up so everyone has selection of all meals
  • 1-for-1 swap
  • Once we have some interest, I'll coordinate via Google Docs to deconflict repeat meals, time/location for meet-up, buy-in, etc.

Open to ideas or experience if anyone has done something similar...

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