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trying day 1 (again!)


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ok ok so my friend took me out for wings at my favorite wing place yesterday so I was just like, I'll start tomorrow! So I did.

Today I had,

- A banana because I got really scared by a hornet in my house and I ran out the door w/o breakfast (i killed him eventually tho, despite my severe bug phobia)

- A Jimmy Johns #6 Unwitch with no mayo and extra avocado

- Turkey spicy mayo butterhead lettuce wraps. I took the primal approved mayo and mixed in my favorite habanero hot sauce.

- Weeknight roast chicken with lemon thyme gravy from nom nom paleo (that took FOREVER) and a baked potato with thyme, ghee and garlic.

- Like 2 dates

So, not bad for day one.

On a side note, I already miss sugar and I spent $220 in groceries this week. IS THIS NORMAL??

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