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Natural Flavors added to food?

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1 hour ago, laura_juggles said:

@AAC5453 I've copied and pasted this from the FDA website:

How can I know if there is MSG in my food?

FDA requires that foods containing added MSG list it in the ingredient panel on the packaging as monosodium glutamate. However, MSG occurs naturally in ingredients such as hydrolyzed vegetable protein, autolyzed yeast, hydrolyzed yeast, yeast extract, soy extracts, and protein isolate, as well as in tomatoes and cheeses. While FDA requires that these products be listed on the ingredient panel, the agency does not require the label to also specify that they naturally contain MSG. However, foods with any ingredient that naturally contains MSG cannot claim “No MSG” or “No added MSG” on their packaging. MSG also cannot be listed as “spices and flavoring.”


If you're going to call someone out, maybe get your information from the source of the regulation rather than a propaganda website like "truth in labeling". We already recommend that people not consume products with the list I made bold above because of the naturally occurring MSG. However, just as fruits and veggies are allowed despite their naturally occurring sugar and even tomatoes with their naturally occurring MSG, no one is going to show up at someone's house and kick them out of the Whole30 for using a beef broth with yeast extract in it. 

We can encourage people to make better choices and look for items that don't contain added flavorings or preservatives, but if that cup of coconut-flavored coffee with "natural flavorings" makes someone a little happier when they're having a tough day or a can of LaCroix with its "natural flavorings" helps someone kick a 4-Diet-Coke-a-day habit, it's not a bad thing. It's better for us to cheer someone on for their small steps of progress than to tell them "oh well, you made soup with broth containing yeast extract and that's mucked it all up too bad you're not trying hard enough."

Thank you, I’m very well aware of the FDA rules but hopefully others can find this helpful! This way people can make the best decisions for their health. Natural flavors are hidden bombshells. Especially for those truly trying to heal their bodies. Even for a “treat” can send certain people in a tailspin with their health. We all know MSG hides behind all sorts of names in numerous different ways. That said, my suggestion would be to focus on the regulation (or lack thereof) of what natural flavoring is and what MSG is vs the regulation of the term MSG from the FDA.

Like I mentioned above, of course it’s better than nothing. But to encourage products with natural flavors (unlisted ingredients) is nothing short of shocking - TO ME. If anything that should be up to the individual. It was a huge bummer to see the program recommending products that contain these hidden unnamed ingredients. Anyone watching their food intake so seriously (seriously enough to be complying with the strict guidelines of whole 30) should also avoid natural flavors. You just literally have no idea what it is. 

You don’t need to defend the use of natural flavors or the program to me, I just hope you can begin to learn for yourself and others out there can learn for themselves also. 

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Also - just to be VERY CLEAR, I am not sure why are have taken such a defensive stance. I would NEVER suggest someone not to be happy for wins for their health, I have certainly not done that here, I’m concerned that you have concocted that somewhere and posted it here as though that is what I was doing. That’s a wild and very sad jump to make. 

Absolutely everyone who has wins for their health should be extremely proud of themselves. If that means drinking la croix then fantastic! It remains shocking a program such as whole 30 would recommend products with it for the purpose of trying to heal the gut. Hopefully you can understand the difference of the program recommending products with it vs. being down on someone for drinking a product or using a product with natural flavors. 

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The program is not going to change whether or not we allow natural flavors into products, even on the W30 approved program.  Like others have said, you're welcome to leave natural flavors out for your program or your entire life, that's totally fine.

Your insinuating that people aren't learning for themselves and the constant use of 'should' may be what is getting people's hackles up. You're absolutely correct in that the 'natural flavors' umbrella can be suspect but you would also find with some research that some 'natural flavors' like in RX Bars for instance are essential oils but they're, by law, not allowed to refer to them as such. 

Your concern does not go unnoticed, nor does the concern of others that have come before you suggesting we outlaw coffee or green tea etc... you're welcome to not eat or drink products with natural flavors.  Just know that the program's allowance of natural flavors has been well thought out and researched as opposed to the founders just letting the natural flavors in becuase they didn't know any better.

Happy Whole30-ing to you.

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I contacted Twining on the "natural Flavors" in their Cold Brewed Ice teas.  This was their reply.

We do know on our end what would be Whole  30 compliant, that is not our program but here is some information to help...

Since a Nutritional Panel is not mandatory for packaging regulations for tea and tea does not have a substantial amount of nutritional content that can be measured (other than what is added by consumers such as sweetener or milk). We opted to use the carton real estate to convey the flavour description and other helpful and mandatory information (such as ingredients, brewing instructions, etc.).
Herbal Black Teas &                    Pure Green Tea

• Caffeine – 0g                            Caffeine – 34g / 30g
• Calories – 35-40                       Calories – 0 
• Sugar/Sweetener – 0g              Sugar/Sweetener – 0g
• Fat – 0g                                     Fat – 0g
• Sodium – 0g                             Sodium – 0g
• Carbohydrate – 0g                   Carbohydrate – 0g
• Protein – 0g                              Protein – 0g

Black & Green Teas with Fruit
• Caffeine – 34g / 30g
• Calories – 35-40 calories
• Sugar/Sweetener – 0g
• Fat – 0g
• Sodium – 0g
• Carbohydrate – 0g
• Protein – 0g
Natural flavouring means it is derived by the named fruit-spice or by another fruit-spice that produces an identical or similar flavour profile (e.g. Honeybush, Mandarin & Orange herbal blend has specifications that it contains ‘other natural flavours’ which may well be a derivative from lemon or tangerine, while Pomegranate & Raspberry blend may contain cherry). It is the right balance of all of these components that give a particular flavouring its specific taste.
The flavourings used in Twinings products are unique to us, and our team of master blenders. They work closely with our flavour makers to find just the right tasting flavour for each product. We are unable to break down the exact composition of the flavourings because this information is proprietary to our flavour manufacturers but we can assure you that all ingredients (natural or artificial) have been tested, we use no animal products, and we are also FDA approved, and are safe to be consumed.

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