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Whole 30 for a Dancer


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Well i've been searching for this info throughout the forum and didn't find something quite helpful.

Im on my 2nd day of Whole 30 ( I started on the 1st of July but accidentally had a zip of beer.. just one zip and decided to start over.. or what I call a Whole 32) 

I need help with meals, pwm, timing etc...

Ok so here's my daily routine.

I wake up at 9:00 am, drink collagen and have breakfast between 30 0r 40 min from waking up, then I prepare myself to go to my dance school.

My schedule looks like this:

Jazz 11:30-13:00

Ballet 13:00 - 14:30

Break (I usually use this time to eat, have a cup of coffee and do some work, i'm also a designer)

Lyrical Jazz 16:30-18:00

Hip-Hop 19:30 - 21:00

Go back home and have a shower, prepare dinner and clean

So I really don't know what to eat when?... I mean when should I have pre workout or post workout meals??

Any Suggestions??

I go to bed at 12:00  most of days...

This is what my most busy day looks like... some days... like today I came home early cause had some office related work to do.. and my dancing finished at 14:30.

I really will appreciate your suggestions.

Thank You guys.

Much Love




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So... no one answered, which I'm sorry about, @Meiyonce.  Hope you're doing well.  I thought about making some specific suggestions, but at this point you're far enough along that you've probably tried everything I would have thought of.  So instead I'll just ask -- how's it going?

ThyPeace, has been away a lot lately.


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It's going amazing @ThyPeace thanks for asking! I managed to make a "big snack" and eat out of it between classes, looking back at my question I realize now the answer was pretty simple.. I guess what's important is to keep your body fueled with the right food, I used to stress so much about having breakfast and then a pre wo snack and then a post wo but it was already lunch time etc...  Now I just keep it simple , whenever I have a break I take out my post wo salad which is usually made of hard boiled eggs, sweet potato, mixed lettuce and sometimes nuts and eat some, i'm usually not hungry after working out so I don't finish it all in one seat and save it for later usually to snack on it on my way home :)

Hope u have an amazing day and thank you again for checking up on me :D



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I'm glad you figured it out, Meiyonce!  And yes -- I think your body will tell you what it needs, if you listen.  I am not so good at listening all the time, but luckily it pretty much keeps telling me until I get it.


ThyPeace, sometimes it takes a smack over the head...

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