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Enough Fat


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Hi Team! This is the first time i post a question here! I'm teaching myself to rely on your support.

I'm still working on not being too afraid of fat. I've put on a few pounds because of stress and and lack of sleep, but i feel this situation is improving because i'm managing my stress better and i'm makign myself sleep more. Because of this, i think that i shouldn't overdo fat as to use more of my body fat than dietary fat. Can someone tell me if this correct reasoning? I follow the meal planning guidelines, and maybe i'm being a little paranoid here an di'm letting doubt throw a wrench into things for me. I eat coconut oil, 1tbs, and half an avo with 2 eggs and veggies fro breakfast. More veggies and some protein, and 1 tbsp coconut oil or evoo, maybe another half avo for lunch. Dinner is probably like lunch.

My activity: Crossfit 3 to 4 days a week.

I would appreciate any thoughts. Thanks!

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Your reasoning is logical, but wrong. Restricting dietary fat is not a good way to encourage your body to burn body fat and often backfires. I'm not the science guy who can explain why, but the experience of 1000s is consistent - Eating good fats with each meal goes along with improving body composition. That said, your fat use doesn't sound bad. I might include some olives or coconut flakes or nuts to round out some meals, but it sounds like you are doing okay.

Doing CrossFit 3 to 4 times per week suggests that you would benefit from eating some carbs like sweet potato or butternut squash regularly. That would be the first thing to increase if your energy falls off.

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