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Whole13 - Anyone with me?

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Good morning!

I have completed 2 W30s successfully in the past year and a half, and learned some habits that have managed to stick with me. However, summer is always the most difficult season for me to stick with the choices I know make me feel best with all the added social events, travel, and ice cream. I've decided to jump back on the wagon for a little under 2 weeks (based on being realistic with our social obligations) to give my body the reset it's screaming for. Anyone with me? Today is Day 1. I could really use some help in staying accountable, especially with all the work events, family dinners, etc. over the next 13 days. Why 13? My husband and I have dinner reservations with friends on 8/5 to a restaurant we have been wanting to try for years, and I don't want to feel limited with the menu. However, I will be using it as a chance to practice good food freedom.


Reasons why I'm returning to W30:

- Remind myself that I really do prefer vegetables over sweets

- Remind myself its not the end of the world to say "no thanks" to the sweets at work

- Give my insides a much needed reset

- Return to feeling confident in the choices I know are best for me


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Adding on to my own thread here. Day 1 was successful, even with an afterwork commitment that did not get me home until 8:30, and where I had to smell and stare at pizza for 2 hours! Day 2 will be another busy day as well. Trying to figure out what to do for 1.5-2 hours between work and a meeting. It does not make sense to go all the way home first. Does anyone else ever have weeks like this, where is seems like home is only for sleeping and nothing else? It's only Tuesday and I'm already exhausted.

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In some ways getting back on track is easy, in others its not, and it's always surprising to me what all of a sudden seems difficult. I got through Day 2, but just barely. I 100% let me stress and emotions at work get to me, and at 3:30 ate my drawer of complaint emergency snacks. This drawer has never bothered me before, but the stress was just so overwhelming I turned to eating. Luckily the food was compliant, and I was able to stop myself before it went too far, however, it's still about the relationship with food that matters the most. On the bright side, I still got myself to the gym.

So starting this morning on a clean slate. What's on the menu for today?


B: coffee, eggs cooked in olive oil, pre-roasted zucchini and onion, tahini drizzled on top

L: Tuna salad (tuna, homemade mayo, diced peaches, sun dried tomato), over lettuce with basil dressing

D: Salad with turkey bacon crumbles, peach, hardboiled eggs, basil dressing

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