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Two days left......


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I've been a Whole30 regular for 4 years....4 YEARS!  That seems so crazy to me.....anyway....I've got 2 days left of my 2nd Whole30 of 2017 and when I think about what I want to add back in with reintros it is so different than the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. times.

I want plantain chips on my taco salad!

I want Bubbie's bread and butter pickles with my burger.

Those are the only two things I missed on my Whole30 this time around.  

It's a reminder of how much my tastes have changed and how eating Whole30ish / Food Freedom every day has changed my life.  In the past I wanted wine or ice cream or chocolate or tortilla chips.

Perhaps you can relate if you're a frequent Whole30-er?  And if you're a newbie....new behaviors take a long time to become habits....hang in there.  It is so worth it.

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