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Reintroduction symptoms before reintroduction?


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On day 31 I woke up with a horrible headache that felt like a combination tension/allergy/dehydration headache. I expected to possibly get the allergy headache if I drank wine (I believe I'm allergic to the added sulfate in the US, I have no problems drinking wine when I visit family in Europe). I did yoga, took an anti-inflammatory, did all the usual things. 

I already had brunch plans for that day because it was booze day. I went and I had two mimosas. After that,  my head hurt so bad that I came home and went to be for four hours. I was afraid to drink anything else, but finally had a Skyy and pomegranate juice. It didn't seem to increase the headache, but the pain lasted through most if the next day.

Then today, day 34, I ate a breakfast of eggs and potatoes (not unusual) and I've been sick since. Not terribly sick, but uncomfortable. This is how I'd expect to feel after eating beans, but I haven't eat any yet.

Has anyone experienced this? Is my body just reacting the way my brain thinks it should? I feel like my body is sabotaging my reintro days, it's difficult to gauge my body's reaction when it reacts BEFORE I reintroduce. 

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