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  1. I get major mood swings a day or two after I eat gluten. I also get the digestive issues but its the anxiety and mood swings that have motived me to avoid it for going on 4 years. I can always tell when I have gotten some because the next day I will be moody, angry or tearful or both for no reason. just my experience
  2. I have found that if it is bad it will have a off smell that is unmistakable. I have eaten mayo that was in the fridge 2 or more weeks (unusual because it does not usually make it that long)
  3. It might be ok since it is an all fruit version and being used just to add a bit of sweet to a savory dish, but why not just puree some apricot and add it in the same amount it calls for preserves then it would still add the sweet apricot flavor and would remove the question of compliance...
  4. maybe posting what he is actually eating including pre and post work out meals iwould help the mods in giving some more specific ideas.
  5. instant pot spiralizer massive quantities of storage containers dishwasher (this includes the device and my husband) good knife zip top baggies whole 30 recipe books
  6. Curious what whole30 thinks of porkrinds....they are compliant ingrediant wise a day not really just curious what the thinking is
  7. I have been back on the pill several years and don't have a cycle much at all. Nothing more than spotting and a normal cycle about every 6 months. Well I had a normal cycle last round and wouldn't be due to start for another full week by my pills. I am spotting today...strange. I am day 8 of whole30