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  1. I can't do this, right?

    Its much less a question of CAN and much more a question of WANT. Ask yourself if you want to do it. If you do then you CAN. However maybe there are reasons you don't WANT to and that is ok its just something you have to look at and make a commitment if you decide you WANT to you may decide you do but need to wait for whatever reason. Its your decision but please know that if I was able to do it anyone CAN do this
  2. 7 Weeks Strong, but something's missing

    sorry but no soy of any kind, including soybean oil is allowed on whole 30. many things can sneak into restaurant food. Butter, dairy, sugar, other sweeteners. You really have to do your research when eating out.
  3. Rice Vinegar

    use google to search just search whatever you are looking for and add whole 30 most times it will send you directly to posts here
  4. What's on YOUR plate? Whole 30 food photos!

    I love this thread I am glad its back I need to remember to take pictures of my food to post, when its complaint of course...
  5. Bee Pollen - Can or Cannot?

    that's kinda what I figured...
  6. Bee Pollen - Can or Cannot?

    I don't know the answer to this but I am curious what its used for/in. I have seen it in stores but have no idea of its practical application...
  7. Hog maw/pig stomach/buche okay to eat?

    I don't see why it wouldn't be if there are no ingredients added that are off plan. Offal of many (all?) types is often considered an excellent source of protein/nutrition if it is from healthy animals.
  8. chicken coconut soup

    This time i addes carrots and potato and lemongrass still awesome
  9. Sun dried tomatoes

    Its all about the ingredient list, not the nutrition facts. Most foods have naturally occurring sugar. It is when it is added that is a problem. If it is added it will be in the ingredient list so that is what you watch out for.
  10. Time Elapsed for Ill Effects

    reactions will vary person to person. I would love it if there were a clear answer to this. In my experience effects can happen a day or so later. You can always double check it. Eat whole 30 a few days till you feel good again and then retest the non gluten grains. If you have the same result in the morning then you likely have your answer :-)
  11. you have to read the ingredients of the actual product. Even if I have the same brand and its compliant, ingredients can vary by region so always double check
  12. Im late too, my husband and I will be starting tomorrow...
  13. generally I have seen it recommended to do a regular whole30 first before adding other protocols. That way you don't restrict more than necessary. I'm not sure if that would be different in your case. Maybe a mod will comment as well.
  14. Drinking Salt Water?

    I wasn't concerned personally but as Amber mentioned it goes against traditional knowledge about not drinking salt water even if stranded on a boat in the ocean So when she brought it up I just remembered it