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    maybe posting what he is actually eating including pre and post work out meals iwould help the mods in giving some more specific ideas.
  2. Babsie95

    Still not working

    I hate that you are not having the results you want to see. For some people it just takes more time. I could be that in the last 10 days is where the magic will happen for you. However many times when people think they are eating enough (ant the right things) they aren't. If you could post a few days of what you have been eating maybe someone can offer some tweaks that could make the difference for you. Hang in there
  3. Babsie95

    Explaining Whole30 to kids

    I would think maybe that you are trying to find out what is healthier for your body since we are all different. this would also cover when you reintroduce. Kids love experiments so maybe seeing it as a type of experiment that will help you figure out what works for you.
  4. That's the purpose of the whole30 days in between. Typically 2 days but more if needed. Eat whole 30 till you feel as good as you did at the end before trying anything else. This is how I understand it to work.
  5. Babsie95

    Full all the time

    To me it does not look like your are eating enough overall. Hopefully a moderator will chime in but eggs when eaten as the sole protein are as many as you can hold without breaking usually 3 to 4 minimum. I don't see many veggies at all and no added fat. It really looks like you need more food overall. Especially if you are working out you would also need to add in pre and post workout food in addition to your regular meals. I know for me when I don't eat enough I lose my appetite instead of being hungrier which seems weird but as I understand it that can be a sign that your hormones are off and the only way to get through it is to eat. again hopefully a moderator will chime in and either correct me or at least give a bit more info.
  6. Babsie95

    Over cooked ghee

    I thought I had burned a batch once but I kept it anyway and when I used it it was probably the best tasting batch I have ever made. Very nutty with a deep flavor. So I say keep it taste it and see. It might just be a happy accident.
  7. Babsie95

    Caramel bedtime tea

    also isn't caramel coloring a sneaky sugar? maybe caramel flavoring is different?
  8. I think this would be no. Sugar is listed in the ingredients. That it is a small amount doesn't matter as far as the rules are concerned sugar is sugar
  9. Babsie95

    lactic acid

    It will depend on the ingredients of the actual pickles. I know that some do use sugar in the brine. So you would have to ask at the deli whats in them or read the ingredient list from the actual product
  10. Babsie95

    Appetizers and finger foods

    my go to is always some form of deviled eggs. Always popular and easy to make whole 30
  11. Everyone is different but I know that gluten absolutely effects both my digestion and mood. I bloat immediately and over the next several days I have a severe increase in mood swings and anxiety. Its like my personality changes its so severe. I have tested it multiple times enough to know it is absolutely gluten and not worth it at least in my case. Its not what I expected either but it is real.
  12. I had heard of the mustard thing too. I actually tried it out of pain and desperation one night and it did work and pretty quickly. Pickle juice also helps me with cramping. For me not wives tales but tried and true. I didn't actually believe it until it worked... for me anyway
  13. Babsie95

    The Great Ghee Debate

    I don't have research or a super specific answer but as I understand it Ghee is considered a healthy fat. When not on whole 30 I highly prefer ghee or real butter to use rather than the processed spreads out there. It is a natural healthy fat and without the dairy protein it is considered a good fat on whole 30
  14. now this is just my understanding so someone please correct me if I am wrong, but the whole 30 does not MAKE you anything. Our bodies build up a tolerance to things that aren't good for us (think protective layer of gunk) in order to protect us so to speak. So when you stop eating it and your body trusts that its gone it gets rid of the defenses it has built up. So that is why we might react stronger to things. It doesn't make us intolerant it just allows us to see what the food items have been doing to us all along. Our bodies shouldn't have to defend us from our food choices. As I see it its kinda the point of the whole 30 to make us more sensitive to things we should be sensitive to. If your sister becomes intolerant after a whole 30 its likely she already was at least to some degree...
  15. Babsie95

    Warped Mentality

    I totally get it. I have found that for me personally I have to have the thought that I can have that after I'm done with whole 30 (whatever that may be) I just have to then also practice making the decision about if I want to. If I know I can and give myself permission I am more likely to choose not to because I can decide to if I choose. If I tell myself I can't have it then I will obsess over it and end of eating that and much more. not sure that made sense but its kinda how I have to think about food. There is nothing I can't have. There are things I shouldn't and its up to me to figure out whats worth it when