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  1. I had heard of the mustard thing too. I actually tried it out of pain and desperation one night and it did work and pretty quickly. Pickle juice also helps me with cramping. For me not wives tales but tried and true. I didn't actually believe it until it worked... for me anyway
  2. Babsie95

    The Great Ghee Debate

    I don't have research or a super specific answer but as I understand it Ghee is considered a healthy fat. When not on whole 30 I highly prefer ghee or real butter to use rather than the processed spreads out there. It is a natural healthy fat and without the dairy protein it is considered a good fat on whole 30
  3. now this is just my understanding so someone please correct me if I am wrong, but the whole 30 does not MAKE you anything. Our bodies build up a tolerance to things that aren't good for us (think protective layer of gunk) in order to protect us so to speak. So when you stop eating it and your body trusts that its gone it gets rid of the defenses it has built up. So that is why we might react stronger to things. It doesn't make us intolerant it just allows us to see what the food items have been doing to us all along. Our bodies shouldn't have to defend us from our food choices. As I see it its kinda the point of the whole 30 to make us more sensitive to things we should be sensitive to. If your sister becomes intolerant after a whole 30 its likely she already was at least to some degree...
  4. Babsie95

    Warped Mentality

    I totally get it. I have found that for me personally I have to have the thought that I can have that after I'm done with whole 30 (whatever that may be) I just have to then also practice making the decision about if I want to. If I know I can and give myself permission I am more likely to choose not to because I can decide to if I choose. If I tell myself I can't have it then I will obsess over it and end of eating that and much more. not sure that made sense but its kinda how I have to think about food. There is nothing I can't have. There are things I shouldn't and its up to me to figure out whats worth it when
  5. maybe I missed it but did you mention pre and post workout food? if your not eating that in addition to your meals that might contribute as well
  6. Babsie95

    Need help dining out

    definitely check out the download above but in my experience about the only thing that is typically safe at a Japanese place is the sashimi which is just the sliced raw fish. Even then sometimes it is garnished with something off plan. I have done this successfully but I did take my own coconut aminos and I missed the rice I would have typically eaten with it. But I was able to order and eat something. I suppose you could also get a dry salad or ask if they could steam veggies rather than on the cooktop... but definitely ask all the questions.
  7. I like sauces over mashed potatoes (compliant) kind a like a gravy...
  8. Babsie95

    Meal Delivery? Cooked-Concerns

    What were the portion sizes like? I fear having to add to them so much it would kinda lose the point for me anyway
  9. and... cooking fat is often not even counted as most of it stays in the pan. So adding a plated fat is important
  10. Babsie95

    Extreme gas

    A simple veggie tip is to roast them. You can roast almost any veggie. Just coat in some sort of complaint oil (you probably won't taste it or even notice it) and spread on a sheet pan and place in oven. Most will roast in about 30 minutes anywhere from 325 to 425. You can mix and match veggies. I love broccoli roasted with olive oil, salt and garlic. White potatoes roast well as do brussel sprouts, carrots, squashes, asparagus. Just about any veggie can be roasted (maybe any) Just a thought. I like to roast several trays at once and then reheat. Sometimes I will also roast a tray of chicken or other protein at the same time too.
  11. Babsie95

    Help me make softer meatballs!

    maybe mashed white potato? I know this makes the difference for me in salmon patties... and definitely mix as little/gently as possible. When my husband makes them they are always harder/tougher and he definitely mixes a lot more than I and that's the only difference.
  12. Babsie95

    Meal Delivery? Cooked-Concerns

    It does look great but I was just looking for fun and one of the items on the upcoming weeks menu did list quinoa in the ingredients. Just fyi, I think it was the Chile rellenos
  13. Babsie95

    Beer brine on turkey

    I think this would make it a no is still beer
  14. Babsie95

    Heavy Cream Substitute?

    I would use coconut cream in something like this and I have in other soups with success. That being said I like coconut and am not sensitive to the flavor.
  15. Babsie95

    Ningxia Red

    I agree with the other comments as well but in the ingredients you did list there are two that jump out as non compliant anyway stevia and vanilla extract