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Nancy's trying again # 2

Nancy   H.

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I slice it up and then cut the slices into smaller chunks crossways. Then I rinse it all off in a big strainer or the basket of a salad spinner if I do 2 heads. Then I throw the lot into a big pan and steam it until it's wilted but still crunchy. I rinse it in cold water to stop the cooking and put it in containers. I do this with a variety of veggies on my cookathon day. The cabbage is great cold with coconut aminos or sauteed in ghee or added to any ground meat with an over easy egg on top. Lately cooking 3 meals a day has irritated me so I followed a tip from Tom and have been having 3 hard boiled eggs and a bunch of cold veggies with aminos sprinkled on. I add either half an avocado or a blob of mayo. Love starting my day with a no cook delish breakfast. :)

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