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I started today


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Hello, I'm nearing the end of my first day on Whole30. 

Yesterday I discovered that I'd have to stick to a very lowfat diet because of a gallstone partially obstructing my gallbladder causing severe attacks for the past two and a half months  (it will be removed in mid-October). My first reaction was, Okay then, I'll live on gummy bears, since I lived for dairy and cheese (I would have half and half with my cereal instead of milk, for instance, eat a pint of ice cream in a sitting regularly, and I'd add creme fraiche to everything). 

Then I began researching low-fat diets, and saw that it is conceivable that I can do this, once I began focusing on what I can eat and not what I have to avoid. 

However I was still going to rely heavily on sugar to get me through until the operation: yesterday after meeting with the surgeon I bought a 5 lb pack of gummy bears, and when I realized I could still drink, I saw that as a consolation as well.

Fortunately, last night I found the Whole30 plan. Since I was already forced to overhaul my diet, now I'm excited to overhaul it in a healthy way.  I'm also a runner - I ran three marathons this year, and had been planning on a fourth before the gallbladder operation sidelined that idea - and I'm interested to see how Whole30 will affect my running - I'm guessing for the better, given my diet before. We do have a lot of sweets, and pizza parties, and open bar parties where I work, so I'll have to stay strong, which is why I'm introducing myself here now! Thanks, and best to everyone.

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Hey @MiaSoleil & welcome to Whole30!

JUst a heads up that you may struggle with your runningin the first few weeks, where it's perfectly normal for your legs to feel like lead until your body adapts from burning sugar to burning fat - which usually happens from about day 15 onwards.

On the subject of fat, you will need to be eating healthy fats to get through this - they will provide energy in the absence of sugar, so please don't skimp on them.

If you've any questions at all please feel free to search the forums via Google (typing Whole30 + your query into the search bar) or by asking on the forum if you can't find what you're looking for...


Good luck! :)

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