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Day 16 and Tiger TIRED...


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So I am on Day 16 and have been feeling very tired since Day 10 or so. I have had minimal dairy or alcohol in almost 10 years so it was not a major change as it is for some people. I eat a fairly clean diet, but was eating more sugar and some junk-food (son was home from college... grrr) and wanted to re-set. I also have eczema and removing dairy years ago has helped considerably but I wanted to see if I had any other food sensitivities that affect it. 

I am having more headaches as well. Here is what I ate today, which is typical most days:

B: 2 eggs scrambled with ground chicken, blueberries, greens. Coffee with coconut milk.

L: Salmon, greens, tomato, peppers, coconut aminos/olive oil/seasoning as dressing

Snack: Apple

D: Chicken burger, greens, tomato, peppers, coconut aminos/olive oil/seasoning as dressing, sweet potato w/ghee, blueberries

All I drink is water or Pellegrino 


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Hey @djmagain & welcome to Whole30 :)

You look pretty low on fat to me. You need fat for brain health and often a lack of it can lead to headaches & a low mood. You also need fat for energy, so it stands to reason that a lack of it will leave you feeling tired.

I always find the more solid fats work best for me, so maybe try adding a little more to each template meal, and then see if you can't ditch that mid afternoon apple which won't be helping with fat adaptation or energy levels due it's impact on your blood sugar. The additional fat will help with satiety & make ditching the snack a lot easier...

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