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Starting October 13th


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Hello. First, have you read through all the rules and information? Starting a Whole30 without a thorough knowledge of what you're getting into can lead to frustration, so while it's great that you're excited to get going, it might be worth taking a couple of days to be sure you're prepared. I'd suggest starting here and reading through at least the first two steps before you jump into the program.

I would try to move away from thinking of breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and instead think of them as Meal1, Meal2, and Meal3 -- they're completely interchangeable, and anything you eat for Meal1 could work for Meal2 or Meal3, or vice versa. Many people do eggs and vegetables for Meal1 to start, but if you get tired of eggs, it'll be good to be prepared to have leftovers from the previous night or a salad or something that might seem a little weird first thing in the morning.  Make each of your meals match the meal template and you'll do great. 

For recipes, most of the recipes on this site are Whole30, and she's usually good about noting which ones aren't, and suggesting ways to change it to make it fit if that's possible. If you're on PInterest, the official Whole30 Pinterest page is here.  There's a Whole30 Recipes feed on Facebook and Instagram that features new recipes from different bloggers every week.  Nom Nom Paleo has many Whole30 recipes. You can also keep things simple -- grill or bake some meat, roast or steam or saute some vegetables, add some chopped avocado or olives, and you've got a meal. You don't have to do anything super complicated, you don't have to buy a bunch of weird ingredients, just cook real food.

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