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W30 Holidays - Made a decision...11/26-12/25


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Yeah...so I completed a Whole30 in early October...and it went GREAT!

However, I slipped; and fell...right afterwards...didn't do the after care...gained back 19 lbs, and completely binged for the remainder of October; and all of November ... until today.

I have had enough...I am ready; and I have made a decision to change my lifestyle for good.

Today is going well so far...I am tracking my food; and staying on track. I am a little afraid of the cravings; and low energy when I workout...but I am more afraid of what the scale read this morning; and how I have been feeling lately: sluggish, tired, and icky!

30-day Goals:

* Track everything I eat

* Complete Les Mills Pump (this is week 10)

* Stay off the scale until Christmas Day - or- weigh-in ONLY once every week on Monday mornings

* Complete the food "testing" phase starting Day 31

* Normalize my eating by going Paleo for 90 days starting 12/26

* Keep this journal; and write in my notebook daily about my feelings; cravings; wins and losses

120-day Goals:

* Drop 30 lbs

* Complete Les Mills Pump & Les Mills Combat

* Join Hot Yoga & attend four sessions per week

* Read three self-development books & apply those principles

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Thanks! :)

I have heard of that book...I might add that one to my list! A few of the current books on my reading list are:

Eckhart Tolle - A New Earth (currently reading)

Yoga Anatomy - Leslie Kaminoff

The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Thik You're Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are - Brene Brown

Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead - Brene Brown


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Day 1 - easy peasy - had a bit of a missing-the-sugar headache; and was somewhat irratible with the family last night prior to dinner...made it through though

Day 2 - working on it...slept SOOO great last night! Had a sweet potato; egg white/whole egg scramble with jalepeno's this morning; and mid morning snack is a banana, some almonds, and egg whites

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Day 2 - was pretty good...excepting for eating a ton of almonds. I am relying on them this week to make it through; but I won't be purchasing more for next week...I'll probably cut them out completely 'cause I will easily make them a meal instead of a snack.

Breakfast - coffee with coconut milk (canned), 1 sweet potato; 1 egg; 3 egg whites; jalepenos

Snack (meal) - coconut flakes, almonds, small banana

Lunch - 2 cups mixed greens, 4 oz mesquite grilled salmon, 1/8 mango, 1/2 red pepper

Snack - 2 egg whites, 10 small green olives, 1/4 orange bell pepper, & baby carrots

Dinner - turkey with grilled zuchinni & squash, 1/3 sweet potato

Snack - 1/3 cup unsweetened applesauce with cinnamon

Have only done one workout this week...and usually it's every day. yesterday was a rest day...and today is supposed to be a 20 minute "flow" classs...usually don't get to it if it's not done at 5:00AM; but I am going to push to get it done during lunch, and see what my energy levels are like.

A bit more emotional than usual, still have a headache, and had some night sweats last night...other than that...I feel GREAT!

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Day 3 in the books.

Breakfast - sweet potato & egg scramble

Snack - almonds, banana, coconut flakes

Lunch - salmon, bell peppers, red onion

Snack - apple, almonds, carrots

Dinner - hamburger patty, red leaf lettuce, 1/2 small avocado, onion

That burger was so delicious!!!! Wasn't hungry today; but felt a bit irritable this evening.

May have over-eaten some today; feeling really full; and it's bedtime.

Getting ready for Pump Extreme in the morning...55 minutes...excited to see what my energy levels will be like.

Nite-nite! :D

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Day Four - not killing all the things, headache is gone, and I haven't been irritable today...

Miracle of miracles...trying the three meals a day; and I actually feel really full...

2nd miracle of miracles...had awesome energy during LMP Extreme today!!!

happy joyous and free! :D

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Sound like you are doing really well. Your goals sound so ambitious to me, but concrete and do-able.

I did something similar to whole 30 last January-- chicken and broccolli was my fall back meal-- can you say boring? This time around, I am trying a lot of new recipies and foods I normally only eat in restaurants. Today I had artichokes at lunch and brussle sprouts at dinner. It has helped get through this week by diversifying what I eat.

I admire you for keeping up the workouts. What I learned last January was to really lay off and do what I could-- by the second week, I was itching to exercise and I am not in the habit of exercising.

Abother book to look at-- The power of Habit by Duhigg. It has really helped me understand and recognize some of the triggers for my bad habits and help me understand what it takes to make new positive habits in their place.

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Well Done Heather!!!

Just completed Day 2 and feeling good....felt really tired today, I think my body is still getting over the Thanksgiving weekend cheating! But, I'm definitely feeling better than I did 2 days ago!

Here's to tomorrow! xx

Great job, and keep it up Georgia!

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Day five was awesome. I reluctantly started my workout at 5:00 AM; and was rewarded with being so happy I did.

Food was great; not boring; and I wasn't hungry until about 9:00 PM...had a bit of shrimp with hot sauce (W30 approved) and 1/4 sweet potato; and it killed the cravings. My boyfriend suggested coffee; then said "oh, you can't have that...let's skip it" :D

The main thing about day five was...no headache...and just a few cravings. I fought those by recognizing what they were...and having some herbal tea instead!

OH...and I DID feel the urge to "kill all the things" yesterday...acted-out a bit; and had to apologize...I know my boyfriend doesn't truly understand; but he lived through my first W30; so... :wub:

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Today is day six...and I am dressed; and ready to go crush my workout. Pump Revolution...here I come.

Woke up feeling lighter; and looks like the bloat is gone...my body is responding for sure...

Gotta keep up the exercise for my sanity, stress relief, build muscle, burn off the fat.

Happy Saturday!! What are you doing to stay on track today?

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Yesterday 11/30/12 was:

sweet potato, 3 eggs, jalepenos, banana, coconut flakes, coconut milk (as creamer)

2 eggs, beef patty, apple

chicken breast, pineapple, mixed greens, 1/4 avocado

8 olives, tilapia fillet, brussels sprouts,

4 sweet potato, 10 small shrimp, 1/2 cup watermelon

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Pre-WO 1/2 banana, small bite turkey, coconut milk

PWO (Breakfast) sweet potato, 3 eggs, 1/2 banana, coconut flakes

Breakfast - pecan pie larabar, apple

Dinner - ground beef, lettuce, tomato, onion, 1/4 avocado, zuchinni chips, salsa, jalepenos

Snack - small banana, coconut milk (canned), fresh coconut

I was very emotional ...I was sad, and mad, and generally upset with the world. I wanted to roundhouse my boyfriend. We argued; it was bad. I yelled at the kids. I cried. I ranted late into the night on facebook, and I slept alone.

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2 eggs, 1/4 plantain, coconut milk, coconut

apple pie larabar

turkey,mixed greens, cilantro, 1/4 avocado, salsa

chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, pistacios

ground beef, spaghetti sauce, 1/4 yellow bell pepper, coconut

Was depressed all day...took a walk...felt a little better last night. Had a horrible headache when I woke up; took 3 ibuprophen...

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Today was better...

coconut milk, two eggs, sweet potato, spinach, jalepeno

2 eggs, zuchinni, squash, apple

1/2 tilapia fillet, stir fry veggies, 2 oz turkey, 1/2 banana

PWO - 1 cup spaghetti sauce with ground beef, 1/8 avocado, red leaf lettuce, 1/4 cup unsweetened applesauce, 1 slice sweet potato1/2 tbs sunbutter

I'm sleepy; and I'm going to bed now. :)

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Today is going well so far...

plantain and 2 eggs, coconut milk creamer, coconut, 1 tsp sunbutter

1 egg, watermelon, coconut, banana

shrimp, 1 slice sweet potato, 2 tsp sunbutter, coconut, carrots

Not really craving too much; but not feeling the veggies today...going to have turkey soup with veggies; and a red-leaf lettuce salad for dinner.

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Day 10...today is a rest day for exercise...and I am amazed at how this is going for me this time around.

I had my first real "cravings" this morning; for things I wouldn't normally touch...but have been easily able to get past them.

Had the turkey mexican soup yesterday...and it was delish!

1/2 tsp sunbutter, sweet potato, 2 eggs, bell pepper, jalepeno, banana

2 eggs, zuchinni & squash

shrimp, mixed greens, 1 tbs olives, 1 cup squash

watermelon slices

spaghetti squash, w30 meat sauce

coconut, 3 hazlenuts

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