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Thought we were 100% compliant....


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My partner and I are up to day 20 and I have just realised that muffins with almond meal are a big no no. Other than the muffins I have been making everything has been 100% Whole30 compliant. Although we have been using the muffins as a snack between lunch and dinner and I now understand the concept of SWYPO so my compeitive personality is struggling as the realisation sinks in... we have failed.

I read the ingredients we weren't allowed and summary of what we could have and thought we were doing really well. I won't make anymore but I don't think I can start again and see the past 20 days as a failure. We have achieved what we set out to do - tranistion to an 80/20 paleo diet (and that seems so easy now becuase we will be so focused on what we can have rather than what we can't), cut out most of the sugar in our diets and realised the benefits of cutting out dairy and gluten.

We both have fast metabolisms and are fit - this has reformed our addiction to chocolate and taught us a lot about the bloating effects of certain foods. We plan on doing the Whole30 once a year and next year it will be sans-muffins!

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First things first - your first 20 days were NOT a failure. YOU have not failed. You overlooked a guideline, yes. You made a mistake, yes.

Were all the ingredients of your muffins compliant?

If so, I'm going to say keep going (sans muffins). Physiologically, you should be doing fine. Will you get the full psychological benefit of the program? Maybe, maybe not. Here's the thing: If, in 10 days, you feel like you could benefit from some more time (either psychologically or physically) add it on.

Changing your food-life isn't easy, and nothing you've done so far should be considered a fail. Just a learning experience.

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