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so, previously I've posted in the fora but I mixed up my dates. Seriously... by a whole week! I need somewhere to keep track and keep accountable.

so yesterday Day17 I had:

a coffee with coconut milk then I had to jet and forgot to eat breakfast.

came home for lunch

a bowl of stew with ground beef yams and sweet pototoes and all manner of other veg.

supper: deer roast, sauted brussels sprouts, every veg salad with pecans and balsamic EVOO dressing

snacked late on a couple of leftover salmon cakes

stayed up too late watching shows.

dog woke me up... arg.

up until about 2 days ago I've been falling asleep easily and sleeping really well, then on sunday, i accidentally had a nap (read fell asleep watching a movie with the kids) and then had a bad night sunday night and i'm going to have to fight for my schedule again and have some self control with the show watching in the evening.

I'm single parenting right now (husband works in another province and won't be back until the 18th of Dec.) and homeschooling 2 children, gr. 10 and gr. 5. and I run an online business ... so I look forward to my mind numbing evenings of vegging with a show or two. just gets out of hand sometimes.

this morning, Day 18. woke up with a headache... and stuffy nose. I'm going to try my dangdest to not nap and get back into a better rythym so I'm starting off my day with an every veg salad with pecans and two eggs and Balsamic/EVOO dressing.

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Day 18

midday: black coffee

meal2: big bowl of stewp (2-3 lbs of ground beef browned in ghee or coconut oil with onions, some sweet potato, spices and conglomerate of veggies (including green beans, carrots, leftover brussels sprouts and cauliflower/yam mash, baby bok choy.... and tomatoes. Makes about 4-5 quarts of stewp)

meal3: ditto

perhaps a snack of the same since I can't get enough in my tummy to keep me from hunger for long and I don't have time to cook another meal today.

felt slightly better than this morning. still headachey... not stuffed up though.

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Day 19 Morning

resisted the temptation to eat more after 8pm I was a bit hungry but I think it probably throws me for a loop

sleep was not great. I have to put the dog in another building I am thinking.

I stopped watching shows at 9:30 and then read for a bit. was asleep by 11... just got up at 8. There were 4 sleep interruptions but not long... each time I was able to fall asleep again within 5-10 min.

a bit puffy... but no headache this morning and only very slightly congested. I feel better this morning than I did yesterday.

mouth is very wooly and breath is horrendous. I even dreamed about my horrid breath.

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day 19 evening:

M1: two scrambled eggs in ghee with sauted bell pepper and some salsa

S1: 10 almonds

M2: Stewp

S2: Black Coffee

M3: Stewp and a Chicken Leg

I'm running out of fresh veg and have to get to the store.

felt pretty good today... a bit tired and once I get to the store again I can add some variety. I want to make chicken salad in a lettuce wrap. with grapes and celery and all that good stuff. mmmm... I'm excited about that. Which is good, I haven't had much excitement about food for the last week or so.

Stayed up late cause a spontaneous trip to see Skyfall while it's still playing in our little town. good show :D

now to bed with a litre of water... maybe I'll squeeze a lime in it.

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thanks Juzbo :D

i can't believe how fast it goes... and how easy and uncomplicated it is. Best program ever.

Morning Day 20:

Nothing to eat yet... i am hungry so I need to get on that. I'll have some chicken or eggs or something.

slept a solid 7 hrs. didn't move a muscle! YAY!

feel good this morning. hands are only slightly puffy ... I only drank 1/2 liter of water last night.

I think I've not been drinking enough water. I need to concentrate on that..

Begin now.

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Evening Day 20:

M1: a chicken thigh. yes... that was all, there was no veg around that I could stomach... or attempt.

M2: some almonds and an orange

M3: Chicken salad with raisins, almond butter, celery, cucumber, orange pepper, and EVOO mayo, seasoned with garlic, salt and curry, on a lettuce wrap. mmmmm

I've had one black coffee today and a mint tea. and I TRIED my darndest to drink more water.

Life is so hectic these days! I Think things are finally coming under control, I really would like to get up and have the energy to prep all my food for the day so I'm not figuring things out on the fly and then not eat enough, like today. Although I don't mind if my body has to have a snack off my chubby butt once in a while ;) Just don't want to throw it for a loop with not eating enough all the time.

i had good energy all day :D

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hmm, I really dislike that feeling :( In your avatar photo, you look pretty lean, could it be that your body doesn't need to snack off your butt anymore?

Morning Day21:

felt a little groggy waking up at just after 7... but once I was up and started a fire in the woodstove I don't feel too bad. Only woke up once to go potty and went right back to sleep.

I'm logging about my sleep and how I feel upon waking because I have a terrible time with sleeping and staying asleep and sleeping well.

Fell a bit puffy again this morning... hands and arms. I forget what it's like to be normal though before the PCOS really kicked in, so perhaps this little bit of puffy in the morning is a normal thing? I don't want to obsess about it if it's nothing weird.

Today's Plan, Eat something BEFORE taking the kids to school ... make a border/mail run ... come home and prep food for a while.

Make a meal plan and have a large salad ready to go, have some sweet potatoes pre baked with the skin still on ... that way I can just throw them in whatever when the time comes. Make another pot of stewp for the weekend with the leftover chicken carcass.

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Evening Day21:

Feeling ready for bed at 7:30 but had decent energy all day, but not great motivation... and didn't get all my prep done today that I wanted. Busy day aside meals were as follows, if I can remember them:

M1: chicken and garden salad/black coffee to go (seems like days ago)

M2: mandarin orange and a banana and a chunk of cooked chicken (I KNOW this wasn't the best choice but in my hectic day it was either that or go without; which right now I'm more concerned about. I also want to say that I do not have an issue with sweets as in, I really don't care for them and eating fruit is not a replacement for them for me. I just eat them cause it's good for me)

M3: another mandarin and a big bowl of coconut chicken egg drop soup.

tomorrow I'm going to drop the coffee again, like I did at the beginning. it won't hurt and hopefully it will help with the puffy hands... blech. i hate puffy hands. I just have such a STRONG habit of making myself a coffee... i love the process... heat up the machine, grind the beans, tamp it down, get a good crema while pulling the shot... love it. yes, I'm weird.

tonight I plan to have a nip of Chamomile/Mint tea before bed and go to bed within a couple of hours.

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Morning Day22:

I woke up at 4:30 for a couple hours... i think I went back to sleep again around 6:30 - 8:30

In that time my nose was completely stuffed up in one nostril. now it's not as bad but still a bit stuffy. Maybe it's just because it's cold in the house.

My face skin still hurts a bit. yeast overgrowth? that's why the flare up with the fruit yesterday?

hands puffy again this morning... like I said, i wonder if this will ever go away... maybe it's just normal.

I'm not having any coffee for the remainder of my whole 30 ... actually it's a whole 32 I think until my husband is home.

I'm thinking after christmas/new years I'm going to have to do a whole 365 or something! things keep cropping up and I don't feel like I'm giving my body enough time... there's only 10 days left :(

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Jo, I am on day 31 today, I still have unresolved problems so going to keep going too.

Hey sorry for the confusion re my avatar, it's not me.. I just use it because it's inspiring. I didn't expect people would think it was a true picture, sorry...

I wanted to have the occasional cup of coffee but I think my two cups of tea a day are causing the shakes so I have stopped even having those for awhile :(

Hope your skin feels better soon. Could it be citrus fruits, coffee and tomatoes? These are quite acidic and affect some people?

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day22 evening:

M1: bacon, eggs and salad

M2: bowl of the latest soup and a couple of tuna salad wraps... compliant wraps of course.

M3: porkchops and smashed rutabaga and carrots with butter

I concentrated today on drinking more water... i did not have any coffee and I did not eat any fruit.... wait. there were a couple of raisins in the tuna salad.

I had a day of not going anywhere for once. much needed. I was tired and grumpy today, could just be PMS but probably I need some down time. tomorrow it all starts again :( This husband-being-gone-for-5-weeks-at-a-time-thing is not awesome at all When he comes home I'll probably just stay in bed for a few days

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morning day23:


slept better. just got up once to go to the loo. face still stings and I'm still puffy. under my fat belly I seem bloated somewhat. I could just be expecting my period though...

I wish I didn't have any obligations today, oh well... once I get going it will be fine and I'll have fun.

going to try to make myself eat something within the next 45 min here... blech.

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day 24 morning:

headache, stuffed up, feel tired, face is still tight and sore, I hope it's not eggs, I eat a lot of eggs since we have our own chickens.

I forgot about the lime juice in my water during the day, I will give that up for the next couple of days and see if that helps the skin thing.

if it doesn't, I'll have to go egg free for a few days and see what happens.

woke up at 3:30 to go pee, couldn't get to sleep again easily without reading for a bit. as soon as I was sleepy again I went back to sleep at around 4:30

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Day24 Evening:

feeling pretty good today, less hungry... but I think i didn't drink enough water again! it's like when it's plain... ie. no lemon or lime I just don't drink it.


M1: one egg wrap with a leftover salmon cake and some garden salad on it.

M2: soup

M3: more soup and another leftover salmon cake.

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Morning Day25: same old. wake in the night, went back to sleep okay. maybe that's just going to be normal for me.

I feel like the puffiness is going away a bit so maybe it's citrus? I didn't have lime in my water yesterday... BUT I did have coffee at a friends.

today should be interesting, spending the day out and about. bringing nuts and raisins and a couple of egg wraps with garden salad and salmon cakes and avocado on them. Will cook from fresh ingredients when we get home tonight since I'm going shopping at Costco in Coeur d'Alene.

I will be scoping out the procuitto ;) That would be lovely on an egg wrap with some 'cado sourkraut and/or pickles.

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Day 25 Evening.


one black coffee (after meal 1 of course)

M1 & M2 : each one salmon patty on an egg wrap with lettuce and avocado

ETA: 1/2 avocado to stave off the HANGRY while prepping the food for supper

M3: a large chunk of baked white fish (Hake?) salad, steam fried veg and half a baked sweet potato.

Not nearly enough water again today... boooooo.

normal energy today...

nice thing I forgot to notice is lack of brain fog these days! YAY!

very busy day, lots of driving and shopping... very stressful day, but I handled my kids jabbering away a LOT better than i usually do, i usually can't handle their chatter for long cause I get irritated. I'm definitely less irritated with my kids lately.

The DOG on the other hand ;) no, seriously, i had a couple days recently where I was a raging freak... but I realized today (surprise) it must have been PMS

NO cramps though! amazing, usually I cramp a lot leading up to my period... hmmm... hormones changing already :)

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Hey Jo, I'm Sarah, I'm just introducing myself around. wow looking at your food log makes me feel like I eat too much!! haha thats probably why I can never lose weight!! I'm on day 5 today I think :) Sounds like life is pretty stressful for you right now after reading some of your posts! hope all is well :)

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Hi Sarah :)

I ate a lot more at the beginning of my Whole30. now I try to eat what I need to... and i feel like I'm eating a lot actually. My plate at supper was stacked high and I ate it all!

but i think coming from Meal, snack, meal, snack, meal, snack it might seem less cause I'm only eating the 3 meals mostly now. But trust me, those meals are substantial and the inches are still falling off... keep it up! you are beginning a great adventure :D

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OH! I forgot to say too that yesterday I put my online shop in vacation mode to destress my life a little before my husband comes home and company comes for christmas. I have so much to do and I haven't taken a break from it... a real break since I opened at the end of Jan 2010.

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