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AHHHHH! I accidentally had barley root!


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I just started Whole30 on Friday and I feel like it's been going pretty well. I definitely had my first intense craving for sugar today. I thought I was being smart, so I brewed up some teeccino, organic "coffee" only to see there is barley root! I did some more research on the forum and it's a no-no.

I was simultaneously browning up a pot roast and I threw in Worcestshire sauce only to see the fructose!!!!!

I am SOOOOO bummed! Starting over seems soooooo sad! Each day I was feeling even more proud of myself!!!!


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Right. If you visit the Teeccino website you can find their tips for brewing the "coffee" for people who are gluten sensitive. The amount of gluten in the drink is small, but the Whole30 is an elimination diet where small is not good enough.

Right about Worcestershire sauce. And I don't think fructose/sugar is the only problem with it.

The Whole30 is a learning experience and you are definitely learning. You haven't put together a string of perfectly clean days, but you are a more knowledgeable, skilled food person. Your progress will serve you well going forward.

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