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New W30 - started 10-19-17


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Hello all!

I'm new to W30 and am on day 6.  Quick bio: male, 53, Type 2 diabetic.  My primary goal, aside from better overall health, is to improve my blood glucose levels.  I'm skinny and reasonably fit so weight loss is not a concern.  Other goals are to identify/reduce/eliminate periodic symptoms that I occasionally experience.

A year and a half ago, I did a 30 day grain elimination trial with noticeable and documented results, but then my depression kicked into overdrive and I fell off track.  For a long time, I had observations of how certain foods affect my system but they've always been just below the point of requiring immediate change and had come to accept them as the normal me.  The medical system seems to support that 'normal' by prescribing meds rather than insisting diet change.  Over the years, I've read many related books, but ISWF says it in a way that made me to really want it.



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