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Finally I found the place to start my Whole30 log! So I was on day 2, but then I accidentally had some dairy :( I thought about it and decided to start again since I was only on day 2 (had it been day 27 that would have been a different story :P )

So today I am on day 0 again, but I will be eating as though I am on day 1.

On yes I better write my goals for the whole30 in here aswell...

1) Nutrition: I will eat my food slowly and enjoy the experience of eating for the next 30 days.

2) Exercise: I will walk for 30-45 minutes at-least 4 times each week for the time that I am doing the Whole30.

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Thanx neighbour!

Well today hasn't actually been my 1st day as I had to start again, but I ate like I was on the whole30 anyway and added in some extra starchy veges (pumpkin & parsnip) to my lunch and dinner and felt really good all day. The only thing I did have one vodka and diet coke tonight when I went out with a friend. I know the alcohol is going to be the bit I struggle with the most especially at this time of the year. I aim to go 100% in the whole30 except for the alcohol, I'm not going to have any at the work function, but I'm probably going to have to make one allowance for a few drinks on New Years... we'll see how it goes!

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Day One:

Today has been a pretty good day, I had work and went for a shopping trip with a friend, but now that I have got home I have a bit of a headache and I am feeling soo sleepy!!! Also discovered scrambled eggs w/ coconut cream and gotta say, it's my new fav dish right now!!! Blood sugar levels have also been pretty stable today and I have noticed in the past few days without dairy that i am no longer waking up with a yucky taste in my mouth. Hope this continues.

xx Sarah

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Day two:

Today I had work again this morning and did some study when I got home, no exercise (besides work, i'm on my feet the whole time!). I added an extra egg to my breakfast and some extra starchy veges to my lunch and dinner, I did this because I have been getting hungry before bed or overnight. I think this must be working as I'm feeling pretty full after dinner tonight, but this afternoon I have been having cravings all afternoon, not to sure why?? I am def. not hungry and I hardly ever get cravings, so this is a little strange... could it be to do with adding the extra carbs into my meals?? I don't know!! I didn't eat anything not whole30 approved, just snacked on some raw veges and strawberries as I cooked dinner and then picked at the leftover meatloaf I cooked before shoving it in the freezer ready for the next 3 nights. I feel very comfortably full now though :unsure: hahaha I probably should be embracing the fullness, it's probably how I should feel right after eating!

Well im pleased to say I made it through day 2, bring on day 3!!! :D

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Juzbo- I'm not sure if it's the sugar, because I was eating paleo/primal w/no fruits before beginning the whole30, but in any event the cravings of yesterday have passed and I feel fine today :P

Day three:

Day three has gone pretty well, I felt a little bit tired, but no more than usual. I am actually shocked at how good I have felt since eliminating dairy... I always had a bad feeling about it, especially since I was diagnosed with Celiac's disease, but loved my dairy to much to cut it out.

I have really noticed my mouth tastes so much better in the morning and my blood sugar results have been much more even

Oooh and I had another success last night, after posting in one of the other forums about my Night time Eating problem some of you responded and told me to eat more during the whole day and I made all 3 of my meals a little bit bigger and bang:SUCCESS!! I didn't get up hungry at all last night. I still woke up a few times, but I suppose that has become a habit now, so I will have to see how I go with that.

Aside from that I went for a 40minute walk up and down one of the mountains/hills in my city. I felt good and enjoyed my walk! I am trying not to go to hard out with the exercise well I am doing the whole30, because it's always been an aspect of my life that I tend to go all or nothing and can really get obsessed with. I still want to exercise, but I want to enjoy my exercise and not feel like it's a chore or like I should have to go for a walk when my legs are dead after an 8 hour shift!

On my eating more slowly/enjoying my food goal: I feel like I am doing okay on this one. I ate my lunch really slowly, but only because I was talking to friends at the time, dinner I think I ate that a little fast, but i'll take it one meal at a time.

Hope everyone else is doing well on their whole30's :) xx Sarah

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Day four:

Had a good day today! went for an hour and a half hike this afternoon, was really nice because it was soo sunny! I have noticed that other people keep a food journal on here so I will jot down what I had today, my food seems so boring compared to everyone elses on here, but I actually still really enjoy it! (and i feel like I eat so much too :P). Also I got hungry again at about 11pm last night so I really tried to make my meals really fulling today, I actually felt overly full from b/f (at 6.30am), but it held me off really well till lunch at 12.30pm.

breakfast: big pile of veges (spinach, broccoli, carrot, cauliflower, green beans), topped w/ 4 scrambled eggs & coconut milk, and a dollop of home-made mayo

lunch: 2 chicken drum-sticks (skin removed) w/ half an avocado and chopped courgette, mushrooms, onions, carrots & pumpkin

post w/o snack: 1 egg w/ mayo and decaf coffee w/ coconut milk

dinner: primal meatloaf w/ mashed pumpkin w/ ghee & mixed veges topped with dollop of mayo

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primal meatloaf, eh? sounds like a punk band ;)

well done!

i'm going back on Whole 30 right after new years, I'm glad I started this when i did so i could get a solid 30 in before the feasting begins. But now I feel so good that I'm probably not going to stray too far off program... I'm sure I'm going to have a few drinks somewhere in there too...

I'm the one in charge of all the food anyway so i can't put them all on MY PLAN! MWahahahaha *sinister laughter*

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hahaha yeah it kinda does, i think i found the reciepe on MDA thats why its primal lol :P

Day five:

Today has gone pretty good, I didn't do any exercise (besides walking round the mall). I have done quite a bit of study today so i'm feeling good about that.

I had one crappy experience today, I needed some new clothes as the weather is heating up and I knew I was gonna feel like crap after trying on clothes :( but had to be done, I did end up finding an outfit which I think looks ok. so I guess my shopping trip was a success. How long does it take for this whole30 way to change body composition?? I wish it could be 1 week!!!!

It sucks because ever since I have started controlling my diabetes (about 1 year ago) after going through a massive stage of eating disorders/binge eating/bulimia/diabulimia you name it. I've just gained and gained and gained no matter what I try and do. I guess things are getting better as now i'm getting my cycle monthly (from not getting it at all a few years ago) and i'm no longer eating like a maniac, but it seems so unfair. Now i am so careful of what i put in my mouth and I continue to get fatter and fatter, yet before i could eat and eat and eat and eat (seriously i would eat soo much) and well not giving my diabetes meds I would still lose weight. I guess i probably really screwed my body up :( I just hate the feeling of better so stocky and not knowing if I will actually ever be able to drop any weight. If i let myself get too hungry during the day my body seems to have a mechanism to make sure i'm getting enough (or too much) calories. I will get up in the night and eat without being able to stop my self. I have found I don't do this when I eat more during the day, but when I eat more I feel like I won't be able to lose any weight.... gaah I think I just need to be more patient and have some more persistence! It just feels harder to listen to my body with diabetes as well because I have to count my carbs and proteins in order to give the correct does of insulin and once I have given my insulin I must eat everything on the plate (i suppose minus the fat) or my blood sugars will go too low, which is horrible and causes me to feel as if I should eat the entire contents of the cupboard LOL

anyway I feel a bit better after my little rant :P so what did I eat today:

b/f: 4 eggs scrambled w/coconut milk, dollop of mayo and big pile of veges

lunch: chicken tikka masala (homemade) on top of veges ... this was soo good

dinner: primal meatloaf again w/ mayo, some diced tomatos and big pile of mixed veges

snack: decaf coffee with coconut cream

*2 gluten free lollys when blood sugar went low

thats all from me today I hope every one else is doing well too :) xx

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Sarah, it's very hard for you (my mum and sister have diabetes) but you have embarked on probably one of a very limited few programs that will heal your body as much as is possible.. You just need to invest the time for it to work now. Don't worry about the past.

My belief is that people get messed up with eating disorders(most people anyway) because their body is inflamed and doesn't work properly and causes all sorts of imbalances and cravings that are nearly impossible to manage. Diabetes is really the longer term symptom of this inflammation, not the cause. The positive is that YOU haven't given up and are still looking for how to get better and I think you can do that... Get a little bit better every day and don't worry about the past.

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stick with it honey! I REALLY started noticing a change in my body about 2 or 3 days ago... my pants are falling off me.

with your other long term complications it might take a little more time... or who knows, it could start working sooner.

Just commit to it 100% (without the alcohol) as soon as you can (maybe after the new year?) and for a full 30 days ... it was very hard for me to give up the wine and beer at first but I honestly don't even miss it now. it's amazing the changes in psyche a few days makes. Just push through the hard stuff and get an accountability buddy. And honestly???? just ignore how you look until you get past that first hurdle. This is not a weight loss program... you will lose weight on it, but I think for you, the most important part is that you are completely retraining your thinking and physical reactions and psychological reactions to food and cravings. Losing the weight is EASY compared to that! Becoming truly healthy requires commitment to completely revamping your physiological responses to certain foods. That's difficult!

I would text my husband or a friend or my sister and just tell them... I don't want to cheat but i REALLY want a glass (or two or 3) of wine right now... and just telling them that would help me get through those moments. They would all say things like. don't give in, you would be giving up all the hard work you've done so far! no cheating!

Reading It Starts With Food really helped me too... just putting my cravings in perspective to the actual crisis' in the world and understaind the science behind it all.

I have a condition too; it makes it supremely difficult to lose weight without starving myself, or so I thought, PCOS. I have all the female hormones PLUS I get to have 4x the androgens (male hormones) that a woman needs as well.

Anyway, enough of my novella.

You just keep it up :)

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omgosh thankyou guys for your responses makes me almost cry in a good way :)

juzbo- yes i was so happy when i read that this program was supportive to people with TYPE ONE diabetes, because all the time im seeing articles on type 2 and never anything for me. Actually today i noticed a shift in my blood sugars.. they were at normal healthy levels all day. thanks for your perspective and for being so supportive :)

jo- yay i made it through another day! oh wow, that must feel good having those loose pants :P it's funny today i felt way better and like maybe my stomach is getting a teeny tiny big flatter, but now like you said i will stop worrying about the weight!! and yes i am going to commit 100%, I will see how i feel on new years and if i feel like i want to have a drink i will, but by then who knows how i will feel. I am feeling ALOT better without dairy in my diet already. i told my bf that i want him to tell me not to cheat if i feel like cheating, but he kinda laughed a little because i always tell him stuff like don't let me have any more chocolate and then if i want some im just like ohh ignore what i said before lol!! reading your post made me feel alot better and like im not alone thankyou so much! and oh i have read a little bit about pcos, I diagnoised myself with it when i was very underweight and not getting my periods.. doh. i have a friend who also has it.. I believe it's quite common? has the whole30 been helping your symptoms?

Day six:

Well I have felt a whole lot better today (and even better after reading above posts!!) The weather was beautiful and after the morning at uni I went down to the park today to watch the cricket with my bf in the sun. We also we for a bit of a walk. Was suuuch a nice day. And one other thing.. I noticed my finger nails are looking so much healthier than they were. Both my thumb nails used to have several big horizontal ridges and even when my nail grew more ridges would appear.. well I don't exactly remember when I last looked at my nails, but all the ridges have gone .. seriously and I have def. looked at them more recently than the time it would have taken them to grow out. Im assuming this is from eliminating dairy because that is the only thing i have done differently lately. crazy!!

oh and also i have noticed my appetite is def changing.. this morning i woke up hungry for breakfast for the 1st time in ages and the cravings after dinner seem to be diminishing fast too. and the past 2 nights i have not woken up hungry. I am also sleeping like a baby, going to sleep at like 10.30 and waking at around 6.30am!!! I don't wanna speak too soon though!!


b/f: 3 eggs scrambled w/ coconut cream and pile of veges + dollop of mayo

lunch: chicken thigh w/ avocado and pile of veges + pumpkin

snack: a few strawberries, 1 coffee w/coconut milk

dinner: porterhouse steak topped w/mayo + pumpkin and other veges


a bit over an hour of walking

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the thing with PCOS is that it's a syndrome, so you can have all the symptoms or just one but the blood work needs to be done to determine if it's the androgens causing the symdrome or something else.

a lot of people self diagnose. but the symptoms can come with extreme overweight or underweight as well ... rather than an abnormally high androgen count.

it's actually not as common as it seems, it's just people self diagnose all the time. you have to get the blood work done to know for sure.

if you read my last entry in my log you will see that the symptoms I have are improving FAST with this diet.

My sister has diagnosed PCOS as well... her symptoms have not been alieveated as much, but she's got more energy anyway feels great and has lost some inches :) actually, i should get her to chime in here, she's been dealing with this for 10 yrs more than I have.

the thing that sucks that won't go away with diet is the facial hair :( still have to pluck or shave everyday.

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Jo- Yeah, I had the symptoms of not getting my periods from about the age of 16-20. I got my 1st period at about 14 and then went on a birth control pill when I was 15 and around the same time started doing alot of running and when I came off it about a year later my period never returned until I was about 19 when it would come sometimes but if I went below about 125lbs it would disaper. Now I'm much heavier than that lol and this has been the 1st year where I have got it every month (im 22 now), it's never on time though, always up to a week late but Im hoping that the whole30 will help this :) Also thats no good that the facial hair has not gone away with whole30! Do you also have the male pattern balding symptoms? I have read about that aswell. I wonder if you contiue to eat clean for a period of time it will begin to be more helpful? I wonder what causes the excessive amounts of male hormones? Im glad to hear that your other symptoms are slowly getting better though.

Whole30 Daily- Food for though

I find myself craving sugar, bread or sweets when: hmm mainly when I am tired or if I have not eaten enough during the day OR if I get a low blood sugar and do not correct it quickly!!

Sometimes I think i'm hungry, but i'm actually just: tired. I'm usually pretty good with being able to distinguish my cravings from actual hunger.... though it still doesn't stop me eating!!!

When i'm craving sugar, I used to eat: dark chocolate sante bars or WW jelly mixed in yogurt

During my whole30 i'm going to reach for STRAWBERRIES instead.

When I eat sweet food like fruit, I notice:I suppose It would be cravings, but the only fruit I have eaten so far on the whole30 is strawberries and tbh they are quite sour ones, enough to make my face do this --> :blink:

When I eat salty food like nuts or olives, I notice: I haven't eaten nuts or olives on the whole30 so far, but I am a sucker for putting lots of salt on my veges... I guess I just love the taste! Suppose I better think twice about this now!

I thought I'd miss eating dairy products but I don't miss eating them at all.

I thought I wouldn't like eating so many fresh veges (only for the inconvenience factor, i'm a frozen vege girl LOL) but i'm actually really enjoying them.

I have the hardest time sticking to the whole30 when i'm feeling: fat/yuck and bad about myself! also I think I might find it a bit harder in social situations where I will be worried about people asking questions.

When I eat a good breakfast I feel: full and ready to take on the day!! and sometimes sleepy again :P

When I prepare a healthy meal from scratch I feel: ready to eat it!!!

Since I've started the whole30, I've noticed that my...

Exercise or sport performance: is still about the same, except i'm sure walking up hill actually feels harder!!

Sleep: ​has most definitely improved, I've slept like a baby almost every night 10.30pm-6.30am!!

Energy levels: are about the same so far, I think I am beginning to feel a little better in the mornings.

Emotions: have been about the same, no I didn't go through the "kill all things" stage.. yet anyway...

Recovery after exercise: I only walk for exercise at the moment, so I haven't noticed a difference.

Body feels: I'm still feeling pretty tired

Clothes fit: I think my track pants were slightly looser because I had to tie the waist band up yesterday, but no big changes yet.

My condition: ​well I have noticed my nails are looking healthier and my blood sugars have been a lot lower. also im sure my hair has grown a full cm this week!! i used to have such trouble it took me about a year to grow 5cm when my sugars were out of control, but my hair is almost mid boob level now and much thicker than it used to be.. teach me for having widely out of control diabetes oh yes and never bleaching it again either!! :/ oh and one more thing i think including pumpkin/parsnips etc is keeping me more regular too I have been every day of the whole30 so far sometimes more than once.. this could be the coconut milk too im not sure? ... okay wait there is more i think i had a minor yeast infection in my mouth because I used to always wake up with a yellow furry tongue.. well this has completely gone!! AND i also felt like I constanly had a uti (you know that feeling of needing to pee when you know you don't really need to go), especially when i woke up in the morning and i just realized now I haven't had that all week. Im pretty sure all this is mainly down to no dairy... must be baaad news for me :( .... wow i didn't realize, but reading that makes me see how may things have changed for me in just one week!! go the whole30!!

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day seven:

today has been pretty good. i just still keep wishing i could suddenly have lost 10kg, but i know thats not going to happen!! anyway I am going out for a work party tonite and I am not going to drink. I forgot to look at what food they have so Im hoping there will be some veges/salads and meat that I can eat. I think it's a buffet, well fingers xed! Breakfast today was same as usual and lunch was left over steak (rare!!mmmmm) w/ onions and mushrooms fried in butter! :)

hope everyone has a good afternoon xo

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just a quick update because I was so excited about it... our work do last night was like paleo heaven. I was impressed!! they had roast chicken, pork, beef, heaps of roast veges, roast pumpkin, piles of seafood, salads, beetroot... I couldn't believe it and even with the deserts there was a huge bowl of fresh fruit salad!!! So I was able to pick whole30 approved foods for my dinner easy. I know i am not 100% sure on what oils and stuff they used when cooking, so this could potentially not be 100% complient, but I am planning to contiue my whole30 even after 30 days so I can just tack this extra on to the end. I also had about 5 sips of a vodka, soda, lime drink so that would put me back at day 1 aswell, but since this was not a huge mess up, I will just add this to the end :) The vodka drink was sooo sickly sweet tasting though, as was the fruit I had for desert. I couldn't believe it!!! and I ordered a soda water aswell+ one of my gfs wasn't drinking either so I felt a bit less pressure too, but yes everyone did ask me why i wasnt drinking about 40 times.

anyway better get off to work now. have a good day all. xx

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Thanks Jo!!!

Day eight:

I felt really good all day so far and that was with getting up at 5.45am for work. Soo glad I didn't give in and drink too much last night now!

b/f: 2 boiled eggs, some beef mince and veges sauted in ghee + decaf coffe w/coconut milk

lunch: rest of the left over mince and fresh veges topped with big dollop of homemade mayo yuuum!! + decaf coffe w/coconut milk

annnd its only 3.30pm so I can't write dinner up yet...

I have another party tonight, this one is a house party so I will be armed with my soda water :P

and ohh wow i have to put something about this because i am so shocked, the shooting in america thats sooo upsetting and my heart goes out to all the families who have been involved that truly is so sad! it is also and really scary and sickening to imagine that someone would be able to do this.

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day nine:

went to the party last night and shock horror, i only drunk soda water!!

I actually got a few shocked; "but Sarah, you used to be such an alcoholic!! why aren't you drinking????", seriously, it was actually a bit worrying... did I really use to drink that much.

Today has been a good day so far, except for being extremely tired and a bit of a headache at work this morning. I think they were both self-inflicted though, due to lack of sleep. I went to bed very late and had to get up at 5.45am. On the bright side, a minor headache is nothing compared with the suffering I would be going through today had I drunk too many vodka-limes.

Oh and got some fotos taken last night at the party to and they look good and my skin is glowing. This is abnormal for me as I usually look like a mess (the combanation of drunk, bloated, pale etc) :unsure: so I was really happy about that!!!


b/f: 4 scrambled eggs w/ mayo & veges

lunch: chicken thigh w/avocado & veges

dinner: 2 chicken drumsticks w/mayo, mashed pumpkin w/ghee & veges

other: 2 decaf coffees w/coconut milk & 1 black coffee also a few lollies to correct low BSLs

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