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November W30 it's that time of year


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I realized yesterday that every year,  right after Halloween,  I start a month or so of clean paleo eating. It has become enough of a tradition that I start dreaming about recipes out of the Well Fed and Nom Nom Paleo cookbooks, and our family's paleo Thanksgiving dinner.  So why not make it official and do a Whole 30 for the month of November? 

I have a ton of motivation going into this one.  I'm having weird autoimmune like flairs and we can't rule out thyroid cancer yet. I'm trying to find lifestyle factors that really work to feel well. I always felt me best on Whole30, so there is my starting point. 

On to Day 1! Today is the inevitable candy hangover (it doesn't take much anymore to feel like crap, I find). My plan for today includes chili leftovers and a green salad. 

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