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Eating a lot of winter squash.......can you trouble shoot for me?

Blue Sky

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So, I'm brand new to this and off to a really good start. A typical meal for me, seriously practically eating this every day for lunch and dinner...... is a leafy green salad with vinegar, about a cup of winter squash, a few ounces of meat and about two tablespoons of fat. That's about two cups of squash a day. Is that too much? I feel great but I'm wondering if I should lower my carb intake, or if that's just not the point.

Also! While I got your attention! I came into this with a history of trying to diet. I have a good fifty pounds to lose. I lost thirty so far from cutting out sugar, dairy, coffee and gluten and I feel even better getting rid of the rest of the grains that I really was cross-reacting to. But I would cook up a piece of meat, divide it into two ounce portions and freeze that into little bags, then pull out single portions as I needed them. It's very handy. Is this legitimate for weight loss or too small? It feels like enough, especially when I'm eating meat two to three times a day. I don't want to get too neurotic about this, just kinda checkin in.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

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Hi Blue Sky!

What Rachael said is dead on. A) Don't fret over measuring. We aren't into that kind of thing around here :)

2) You need about double the amount of protein you're currently eating at each meal.

3) Upping your protein and adding some more veg variety will push some of the starchy carbs off your plate. Unless you are an elite athlete, you probably don't need as much as you're getting.


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