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Linda's Whole30, starting with day 7 - DREAMS?


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Hello...I'm on day 7 and this Whole30 seems to be lasting forever, LOL. I have begun to see some results - a big reduction in the acne on my back, less inflammation, overall improved food - though I haven't seen too many changes in my weight or clothes yet. 

I just keep telling myself I can do anything for 30 days! I desperately needed this reset as my sugar demon has been in control for many months, I've gained significant weight, and my inflammation has been absolutely horrible. 

Is anyone else experiencing especially vivid dreams? Perhaps it's the result of sleeping better, but the last few nights my dreams have been incredibly memorable. Last night I was trying to repair my truck while keeping track of a mountain lion kitten, lol. 

I hope no one minds if I hope on here fairly frequently. I also have a buddy who's about 5 days ahead of me, and her support really has helped.


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