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My Whole 30 - Day 14!


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I'm on day 14, and struggling. Was doing great until this weekend, and now am facing a cupboard full of Easter candy. Trying to stay strong, but as a result over eating on almond butter and nuts! I know I need to purge the junk, my typical process is to wait a week and then bag it all up, hopefully I can make it.

I have to keep reminding myself that I don't want to start over!! And I do really feel great.

Going to do some major cooking tomorrow, beef stew and paleo meatloaf. Will be good to have these around when the candy is calling my name.

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Lucky, is there any reason you need to wait a week? That much temptation so close saps your willpower pronto, especially if you're under stress. Get rid of it now, and let your brain get back to thinking about all the delicious, healthy food you GET TO eat on this program. That's an order.


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My guess is you have kids? Do you do the out of sight, out of mind game? I do, well, I did. All candy from various holidays gets put out of sight until they seem to forget about it then it gets tossed or sent to work.

Can you negotiate with your kids? Might not be the best example to set, but maybe you can pay them a penny for each piece. Or offer them a trip to the toy store in exchange, or................(you fill in the blank)

Or, tell them the candy is going to a great cause.

Or, let them pick out 1 or 2 of their favs and the rest gets tossed.

Or, keep only the ones that you don't like. For me it was hard candy. I don't like hard candy so I got rid of the chocolate and kept the hard candy for them.

Maybe some tough love...suck it up kids!

Just some ideas...

If you don't have kids, then like Melissa said, you have to get rid of it!

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Oh thanks for all of the suggestions, and the order Melissa! Yes I have kids and I do the out of sight trick (although as my kids get older they seem to remember more :) ). I like the idea of changing it for money. That would actually give me a good gauge of just how addicted my kids are to sugar! Ok, end of day today it will be gone, most likely to the food pantry (sorry people).

I made it through last night with no slips from Whole 30 approved foods, but ate a little too much amond butter and walnuts. Again, compensating for wanting CHOCOLATE!

Today I'm going to commit to logging my meals here. Thanks again for all the feedback.

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Stay strong! You're now more than half-way!

Here's something I wrote a while back:

Five minutes later

I find this a good strategy for when a strong possibly deal-breaking craving hits hard. Thankfully this rarely happens now but on my first round, it saved me a few times.

When you're about to fall off the wagon, just pause for a second and consider how you'll feel in five minutes time. Sure, the texture and taste of that chocolate will be awesome as it melts in your mouth. But once that moment has passed and that gloopy mess is working its way into your gut, how will you feel? Will you feel happy and content with your choice or will you feel disappointed that you caved? I don't want you to try and summon feelings of guilt because that's a bad motivator but just decide if you really truly want whatever is just in reach. I'm betting that in almost every instance you will decide that you don't want it enough and the craving passes.

If you truly want to eat that chocolate and end up doing so, that's fine too. Perhaps you're not quite in the right place for the Whole30 and you can always re-start or come back in a month or so.

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Thanks Matt! Very good advice. Ironically last night I had a very similar discussion with myself about how I would feel if I did tumble off the wagon, and decided it wasn't worth it. I have made it to day 16! And I'm happy to report that I did my Easter candy purge. Saved a jar of Dove chocolate eggs for the kids (I do realize they don't need it either but that's for another day), put the Trader Joes chocolate bunnies in the freezer (I won't be tempted), and unloaded everything else. Goodbye peeps! (Whoever invented those things anyway?!?) I had a decent day yesterday, probably too much almond butter (is it bad to eat it with a spoon?) but feel great. My plan for the day is:

B: nut mix (almonds, pecans, walnuts) and dried cherries, 1/2 banana

L: salad with homemade dressing, hard boiled egg, walnuts, leftover pork

S: scotch egg, maybe 2 (thank you Melissa Joulwan, these are the best!), apple

D: beef stew (it's really cold here in the midwest again, so stew and chili are on the agenda!)

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Ok back to it on Day 18. Travelled for work yesterday, so I fasted all day and ate when I returned home at 8pm. 2 scotch eggs, an apple with almond butter, and a bag of nut mix (almonds, pecans, walnuts, and dried cherries).

Today my plan is:

B: ground beef, asparagus, egg scramble

L: salad with hard boiled egg, walnuts, 1/2 avocado

S: almond butter with a spoon (already had that!)

D: out, and will hopefully find something to eat, if not I'll take a bag of nuts :)

Feeling great today, although I really really want to weigh myself I will resist. Bonus is that every single pair of pants that I own fit me again, whoo hoo! (I have 4 young children, youngest one is almost 2 and yes, it's taken me that long to regain my girlish figure. It gets harder each time!) Have a great day everyone!

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My husband came to me telling me he wanted to do the challenge as I was cooking Easter dinner. Our Easter dinner was planned ahead to be fairly strict. Plenty of veggies and avoiding breads etc. We did make potatoes and gravy, which I did indulge in. I had also made a cake for dessert (Hadn't eaten white flour for about 3 months prior). That night my stomach was a mess, I felt awful.

We shopped and planned Monday, started the challenge Tuesday. I don't even care about the chocolate the kids have left.

p.s. The only dish that didn't get completely devoured by the crowd of 12 was potatoes. :)

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April 30, 2012 = DAY 1.

So I finished my whole 30 about a week ago. I will say that I felt fantastic, literally can see my abs, and can fit into every single item of clothing I own, which is huge for me. I'm not sure if I've lost any weight since I did break up with my scale for good (!), but my body composition is definitely on the right track. BUT...since then it has been a pretty much downward sprial. Conceptually, I understand the ride your own bike concept. However, in practice for me it is difficult. One bite of something turns into an avalanche of poor choices. It's almost as if I am sabotoging myself to see what it takes to see my body change the wrong way. Which is really a strange thing to say since the experience has been so positive.

I want to feel confident that I will be able to ride my own bike, but for now I'm going to commit to another 30 days.

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