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Gluten-free reintroduction reaction


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Hi all!

Day 4 reintroduction here - gluten-free grains. Had GF rolled oats for breakfast along with fruit and 2 hard boiled eggs. Oats tasted great, was looking forward to having some. So far no reaction other than being hungry! Maybe it wasn't enough protein? 19 grams as opposed to about 25 or so usually. Yes, I was tracking macros even though it's advised against. I tend to lose weight fast and that was not my goal, the goal was to have enough calories to stay at my weight.

I went to Pilates for an hour this am, and have been cleaning at home so maybe expelling more energy (but probably not, because I hike a LOT and haven't been this hungry all Whole30.) 

Lunch was Beef stew with potatoes, a banana and Rx bar. I was hungry!  Dinner will be Salmon cakes with Paleo GF english muffin and Avocado Mayo and some veggies. Curious to see if I am feeling hungry still after dinner. 

Reading back maybe I did not have enough fat. Hmm.

Day 1 reintroduction was alcohol - 100% agave tequila. Usually don't drink it, but having vodka by itself did not sound appealing. Not much reaction other than being wired at bed time and falling asleep longer than usual. I have also been agitated past few days but this week has been crazy, so not sure if it's the alcohol or just stress.

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