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Magnesium and Calcium Supplement


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So, now that we have recently opened the door to unofficially TTC... (no one in my family is reading this, right? :ph34r:).... I've started to take supplements. I am finishing off some regular women's one a day vitamins (already checked and all ingredients compliant) but bought a Mg and Ca supplement since these weren't in my multi and are recommended as part of the prenatal recommendation (or so I've read....)

However, I haven't taken any yet because I am wondering, since Mg can be used as a sleep aid, I'm not sure about whether I should be taking this in the evening only. Also I'm not sure if I should be taking all my vitamins at once. Does this inhibit absorption at all? Should I space them throughout the day?

Once these are through I'll find myself a proper prenatal but just curious what to do in the meantime. Any thoughts appreciated!

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If you are eating the Whole30 way, you are unlikely to need calcium supplementation. I find magnesium mildly sedating, so I would not want to take it except before bed. If you haven't already, you might want to read two posts by the Hartwigs on supplements...



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