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Having a hard time


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I started on Wednesday, and up until today I have felt fine. 

Today started off great, but I'm now away from home and surrounded by pizza, garlic knots, and desserts from my favorite bakery in my hometown. 

I'm bloated and gassy and constipated (sorry tmi) and the thought of all the food I prepped is making my want to throw up.

i really need someone to tell me to either stick it out, or tell me it's ok to choose a new start date.

i honestly feel like I rushed into this before I was ready. My reasoning was because my 30th birthday is February 8th, and I wanted to have this done and do the reintroduction all before then, so if I stop now it'll have to wait til after (I mean really who doesn't have a cake on their 30th??)

anyone else feeling down or like a failure for wanting to quit so early on?

anyone quit and restart?

Help :/



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It's okay to feel stressed or down. This can be a huge change, and being around a bunch of foods you can't have is just making it worse. 

I'm not going to tell you whether you should start over or not, you're the only one who can decide that. I will tell you that whether you keep going, or start over, it's the right choice for you and does not mean that you have failed, and certainly doesn't mean you're a failure. You're a person who is trying to make healthy choices in your life, and that is a good thing. You're trying to make your life better -- failures don't do that.

Let's talk a little bit about the birthday thing, though. Don't let whether or not you'll have cake on your birthday be the reason you give up now. If you just can't deal with this moment and need to stop, fine -- but don't base what you do today on what you're going to do more than a month from now. There is no law that states you must have cake on your birthday, not even a "big" birthday like a 30th. There are other ways to celebrate. Besides that, if you do decide to keep going now -- or even if you stop now and restart in a few days or a week -- who knows how you'll feel when February 8th rolls around. You may decide that feeling like you're in control of your food, rather than it controlling you, or not being bloated, or having energy to do the things you want to do might possibly be more important to you than cake. You may not feel that way, but sometimes people do -- you'd be surprised how differently you can view food and rewards and celebrations after a Whole30. 

Whatever you do decide, remember that you are definitely worth the effort to make and eat healthy, tasty meals. 

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Try to stick it out.  If you quit and restart, it may end up becoming a cycle of quitting and restarting that you could fall into.  It's not easy for the first few days, and that will not change whether you stick with it now, or quit and restart in a few days or weeks.  


Think of it this way, you already have 4 full days under your belt.  Get through today and thats 5 days!  You mentioned how you are feeling physically, that is a good sign because it means your body is already trying to adjust to your new way of eating.   You will have up and down days for a while, some days you'll feel pretty bad and some days you will feel amazing.  Then it will all even out and you'll hit your stride and be so glad that you stuck with it.  


Just take it one day, one meal at at time.  Don't focus on how much time you have remaining, focus on all of the time you have already invested and how that is positively effecting you.  


Good luck!

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Thank you all for your responses.

i had a rough night and morning. 

It didn't help that my mom was being insane about me visiting my dad for the new year instead of her.. 

my dad had to convince me not to give up.. and made me breakfast with my clarified butter. Eggs and sweet potatoes.. it was good.

and then I went to my best friends house and we made spicy chicken with guacamole and we made sure everything that went in it was compliant.

i even got her on board and she wants to buy the guidebook and do it too.

so I survived another day! 

Thanks again and happy new year!

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