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Day 0 prep day didn't go quite as planned...

Megan O.

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My fiance and I are doing Whole30 together this month. We decided to start on Jan 2, 2018, to give us the 1st to finish up our grocery shopping and do our meal prep. However, on Monday morning, my fiance woke up with the stomach flu! While I was sorry for him that he felt bad, it meant I was on my own for Day 0! While this might not have been a huge deal, he's the grocery shopper and meal cooker for us!  But, I was committed and took our to-do list on myself. I had to ask for help at the grocery store a lot. "Excuse me? If I'm supposed to buy just generic pork chops, which one of these should I be choosing?" Yeah, that basic. But I learned a lot, too! For example, I learned that ground pork is at the meat counter, which I had never shopped at! 

Then I was on to prepping our food. Using our new immersion blender to make compliant mayo was nerve-wrecking. I didn't read the instructions all the way through the first time (even though Melissa told me to in the book!) and added all the olive oil and lemon juice up front. So that batch went in the trash. But round 2 went smoothly, and I successfully made (YUMMY!) chicken salad with it! Then I ground some pork for our spaghetti squash for our first Whole30 dinner and made a frittata for breakfast! 

While the day didn't go as planned, I ended up feeling like a Whole30 badass! It made me even more ready to take on my Whole30!


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