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Bowel issues

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Hi! I'm on Day 7 of the whole30 and have had loose stools every day (at times I've had full on diarrhea). It's not that I've never experienced this before, I've been prone to diarrhea in the past, especially from spicy foods, but this is definitely excessive for me. So I have 2 questions, one is it normal to experience this much bowel upset at this point in the program? I'm seeing varying answers around the internet, and 2, if not, what can I do to change things? I'll give you a glimpse of what I've been eating in case there are any changes I could make.

Breakfast - either a smoothie consisting of banana, spinach, raspberries, lemon juice, and almond butter, or a banana with almond butter if I'm running late; my Saturday breakfast yesterday was a fancy breakfast of sliced sweet potatoes with salmon, avocado, lemon, and chives. This morning I had some flounder (I've been craving fish! haha)

Lunch - either a mix of roasted broccoli and cauliflower with pork, or roasted acorn squash with ghee, and sautéed mushrooms and onions

Dinner - much more variety here, but lots of vegetables with a meat and usually potatoes. 

I've been using ghee and olive oil for my cooking fats (so they would be on the roasted veggies and potatoes and what not. Ghee is new for me, but not butter in general, and I tend to cook a lot with olive oil even before the whole30) Not really eating much in between as I haven't been all that hungry, but if I do it's usually a little leftover from dinner or a fruit/snack (nectarine and some nuts yesterday). I salt pretty much everything savory. I am taking the whole30 recommended pro-biotic most days (which i started about day 3 I think to see if it would help). I've never been consistent with my vitamins so I've taken a whole30 approved prenatal multivitamin probably twice this week (and only half the dose as it calls for 2 tablets, but I only took one each time since I figured I'm probably getting more nutrients from my food at this point). 

Thanks for any help you can provide!

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Digestive issues can be common during the beginning of a Whole30... Your breakfast smoothie is extremely high in fruits/nut butters which have been known to cause digestive distress besides which smoothies are not part of a template breakfast... go for the 'fancy' ones you listed instead.

Your lunch doesn't have protein when you have the acorn squash?

In general, since youre already prone to this type of digestive upset AND you're eating a lot of fruit and nut butter AND the beginning of Whole30 can cause digestive upset, it's not unreasonable that this is what it is for you... try and power through for a couple days and see if you feel better... make sure you're drinking lots of water also as digestive upset like this can be dehydrating.

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@SugarcubeOD thanks for your input! I have eaten this breakfast smoothie on a regular basis for years and really enjoy it. It's never seemed to bother me before, but obviously my diet as a whole has changed. I think I'm in a bit of a funk with the foods right now too so maybe I'm being a little closed minded, like it just does not sound at all appetizing to eat one of my fancy breakfasts on a weekday morning. But I hear what you're saying and I may need to adapt my breakfasts at this point.

One other thing is that I am eating a lot more animal protein now than I typically do, so having some days where my lunch doesn't include protein is nice for me. Granted typically I would have had legumes or grains of some kind so I was getting plant based protein, I just don't love eggs and honestly feel a little on meat overload right now. I considered roasting some nuts to add to lunch or as a snack, but it sounds like that may make things worse for my bowels?

It's reassuring to here that it's so common. Reading through some of the forums I was getting a little discouraged because it seemed like there were quite a few people out there not really experiencing this stomach upset. I've been fortunate in other ways. I haven't really experienced any kind of hangover, no energy drain, just my dang gut. I noticed I've been more thirsty and it's great to be reminded that this can be a bit dehydrating so I'll be more conscientious of that. 

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