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Late night scacking


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I am on Day 4 (just finished it!!) and I seem to usually want to snack around 8-9pm. My typical day:

7:45ish breakfast-3 scrambled eggs with potatoes/sweet potatoes

11:30-12 lunch-elk chili or a huge veggie packed boiled egg salad with avocado pesto


(here is where it is crazy)

either 430-run or walk my dog. 

530 eat dinner---no more food UNLESS it's a strength day/HIIT workout day. Which Post-workout  meal around 9ish is sweet potatoes & boiled egg  

HIIT is Mon/Wed @ 7:15. 

The runs were Tues/Tburs but it was the Thursday post run where I wanted all the food-but weird cravings like pickles! Lol

I wake up at 6am & take my thyroid pill.  I'm a teacher, so lunch time is set by school basically.  I practically need a snack because if not dinner should be at 3:30-4, and I leave work at 4  

is it 'normal' only being on Day 4 and craving??

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Are you making your meals match the template?  You have no fat in your breakfast and you didn't list out what your dinner was so likely I'm suspecting you're not eating enough.  Snacking between meals is fine if you have a long go between, but eat protein and fat, not fruit or nuts on their own.

I'm confused by your schedule... are you saying if you take the dog for a run that you don't give yourself a post workout?  Do you not run far?  

It honestly sounds like you just need to increase the food you're eating.  The body craves for psychological reasons but also for physical ones like not having eaten enough.

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Oops. Dinner is either the elk chili or venison stew (recipes that followed Whole30 I found on Pinterest)  

I did relook and notice no fats. Will add some into breakfasts next week (gotta shop first). 


I either walk my dog or run myself, but I am done by 5-5:15. Neither is longer than 30 minutes. And bc I have commitments to be places by 630-7, I need a dinner meal by 530-6. 

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