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Liza's post - Whole30 2018


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I finished my January Whole30 yesterday, wohoo! I thought it was #6 or 7, but after looking back a little more diligently, I think it was only #5. It was definitely the easiest with minimal cravings and quite frankly, in the dead of winter -- easy to avoid social interaction, so easier to avoid temptation. (I will say that I went to a potluck dinner this past Monday, and someone made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. They were mostly easy to resist since I "couldn't" have them, but I foresee a struggle now that the rules aren't governing my eating anymore.) I ate out of the house exactly 4 times - 2 lunches at Whole Foods, 1 dinner date, and the potluck dinner. The dinner date was much easier than I anticipated, and the potluck dinner was harder than anticipated -- I could only eat what I brought, even after the participants had asked about the Whole30 rules, they added non-compliant ingredients to their dishes. I half expected that, but it's still hard to be surrounded by food I can't have. 

As a reward for successfully accomplishing another Whole30, I'm buying myself a few new kitchen tools -- a mandoline slicer/julienne peeler (I discovered I needed after trying to spiralize an organic carrot :unsure:), and whatever else strikes my fancy.

My physical results are good but not shocking -- lost 5 lbs, most of which was gained over the holidays, so back to my pre-holiday weight. Also lost 1" off my waist and 1.25" off my hips. Any decrease in these numbers are a good thing, but I definitely have more to lose. Overall, I'm still about 15 lbs heavier than I was when I did my first Whole30 in November 2013. 

Today I am reintroducing butter. I cooked my breakfast in it this morning and added an extra pat once it was cooked, and I already feel congestion in the back of my throat. I know I can't have any other dairy (cow's milk-based), so no point in reintroducing anything else. At one point I thought I'd be okay with very hard/dry cheeses like blue cheese, feta, and parmesan, but I discovered that those are just a slippery slope. I'm not sure what is next; I know goat cheese and sheep's milk cheese are on the list. Also, with the Superbowl on Sunday, I have to figure in that I will *probably* have a drink or two.

Anyway, even after reintro, my goal is to live 80/20, allowing myself 3-4 meals off Whole30 per week, but maintain it 100% at home (with the exception of things like ketchup with real sugar because that's a total pain in the a$$).

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So butter is a no for me (dawg). I almost immediately had congestion in the back of my throat after breakfast yesterday and it is still lingering today. I also suffered some bloating by lunchtime too. I didn't even bother having any with dinner. I didn't die and I slept okay last night (a problem I have with most dairy), so for the occasional restaurant meal it will be okay, but it looks like I'll be making/buying ghee for the rest of ever.

Next up is corn (because corn chips & Superbowl). I'm wondering if I should test Friday, because I'm guessing other non-compliant ingredients might make their way into my mouth on Sunday.


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I did a corn reintro today. I'm not sure that I'm feeling anything different. Since it's Friday I feel like having a glass of wine, so I may have to try another corn reintro sometime next week.

M1: breakfast tacos -- 3 scrambled eggs with sauteed onions, red pepper, mushrooms, salsa and avo on 3 corn tortillas; black coffee

M2: Salmon on romaine salad with grape tomatoes, roasted corn salsa, avo and Primal Kitchens ranch

Snacks (not planned): green olives, epic bar

M3:(Blue Apron meal) Baked cod over tomato sauce with collard greens and potatoes. The recipe card recommends a crisp, mineral white wine, so I am having a glass of Sancerre -- first glass of wine since NYE, and it. is. delicious! The Blue Apron meal on the other hand, is just meh.

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SuperBowl Sunday, woohoo! No plans to reintro today, but I'm going to a restaurant/bar for the game, so my plan for the afternoon is wings (and I'll sneak in my Primal Kitchen's ranch) and maybe their housemade potato chips with guacamole. I'll have a good lunch beforehand, but I'm sure I'll want something before dinner since it will be pushed off until about 8pm. Oh and cocktails. I'm not a beer drinker, so maybe wine, maybe tequila.

Yesterday was 100% compliant, in anticipation of today.

M1: turkey sausage with sauteed onions, peppers, mushrooms, bell pepper, kale, salsa & avocado; black coffee

M2: Leftover Blue Apron from Friday night; olives

M3: Nom Nom Paleo's Lamb chops with mint chimichurri, one of my very favorite whole30 meals! I used lamb loin chops because they were less expensive. Mashed white sweet potato with ghee; asparagus. I really wanted a glass of wine (I have a Willamette Pinot in the cellar that would have paired perfectly!), but I resisted knowing that I'll drink today. Food freedom at work!


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Superbowl Sunday was a success in every way (congrats to Eagles fans)! Went out to a bar, had 2 NorCal margaritas with salt rim, ordered wings just like I had planned but forgot my Primal Kitchens ranch so I just ate them without any dip. Significant for me because wings with blue cheese dressing have always been my favorite football foods. Also, limiting myself to 2 drinks while at a bar for 4 hours is a big win. My one failure was not planning a dinner for after the game (I thought I might order dinner at the restaurant/bar, but I wanted to get home). I resorted to having one Epic bar because I had no protein thawed/ready to make.

Yesterday's food:

M1: Turkey sausage with veg and avocado; black coffee

M2: leftover lamb chops w/ mint chimichurri; leftover sweet potato

M3: basket of wings and carrot sticks (I have deep loathing for celery); 2 margs

snack: epic bar

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Period started 3 days early, somewhat curious. But thank goodness because my PMS was raging a bit -- much more than last month. Cravings for chocolate and sweet/salty, breast tenderness, and moodiness. Only a few days of it, but I'm glad it's over. It's weird that it was so much worse than last month, and really worse than it ever usually is. Maybe my hormones are still figuring out the place to be.

Yesterday's food: 100% compliant

M1: Turkey sausage with veg and avocado; black coffee

M2: Tuna with Primal Kitchen mayo; romaine salad with tomato, red bell pepper, carrots, scallions and olives

M3: Chicken thighs; leftover acorn squash AND mashed potato w/ ghee (thanks, PMS); ginger sesame broccoli

Today's food: 100% compliant

M1: Turkey sausage with veg and avocado; black coffee

M2: (at Whole Foods) Beef Kafta (yay! for something compliant in the hot bar, other than the roast turkey!); green beans with walnuts; butternut squash; kalamata olives

M3: Blue Apron: Pork chops with pear compote; roasted sweet potatoes and fennel


On a positive note, I finally scored a bottle of Tessemae's ketchup on my Whole Foods trip. Might have to use it to make a meatloaf sometime soon.

I think I'll reintro goat cheese on Thursday.




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Felt horrible today, thanks to my period. I'm glad it wasn't this bad last month. Cramps, back pain, and overall lethargy. Also glad that I've been compliant since after the SuperBowl so I know it's not food related. I'm going to wait until after this blah feeling to reintro any more foods, so no goat cheese until probably the weekend.

M1: turkey sausage and veg; black coffee

M2: leftover Blue Apron from last night

M3: Shepherd's pie

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Goat cheese reintro today. So far, a little stomach pain and a lot of thirst. Not sure if both are caused by goat cheese,  so I'll test it again another day. At this rate, my reintros are going to take until June :mellow:. Plus it's Friday night and I want a glass of wine, so that will muddy the results a little.

Yesterday's food, 100% compliant:

M1: Turkey sausage and veg, black coffee

M2: leftover chicken thighs with pear compote from Blue Apron meal; broccoli slaw mixed with Primal Kitchen's ranch

M3: Blue Apron: chili orange glazed chicken; roasted broccoli and carrots; mashed potatoes -- this was probably the lamest Blue Apron meal of all that I've had. Basically chicken breast with veg and mashed potatoes, something that I could easily put together on my own. And I would never ever choose chicken breast over chicken thighs in that situation, especially without the skin. I'm kinda over Blue Apron. It was nice during my January Whole30 to have a few meals a week without having to shop or make decisions, but they haven't been so good that I'd want to continue. It's probably better for someone with no kitchen skills.

Today's food, goat cheese reintro:

M1: 4 eggs scrambled with broccoli, mushrooms, and goat cheese

M2: leftover Blue Apron chicken and veg, with goat cheese mixed into the mashed potatoes and on top of the roasted veg.

M3: will definitely be Kalua pig and probably endive & radicchio from this recipe, will sub out the maple syrup for balsamic vinegar and top with goat cheese  : https://thehealthyfoodie.com/pan-seared-belgian-endives-and-radicchio-with-maple-pecan-and-bacon-crumble/

And maybe a glass of wine :)


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Being Valentine's day I feel like it would be appropriate to have some chocolate, something I haven't had since Dec 31, but tbh, I don't even know if I want it. I'm single so I am DEFINITELY not going out to dinner tonight, haha, so I would have to go out and buy something. Do I really need to do that just because it's Valentine's day? (<---asking myself) I think not. I do have a rack of lamb in the fridge that I will whip up tonight, maybe with a good glass of wine.

In other news, I reintro'd sheep's milk cheese, a lovely Pecorino Romano that was so delicious, and no noticed effects. Very happy about that!

I've been otherwise mostly compliant, minus some almond butter that had added sugar (I did not read the label before buying, but thankfully read it before opening at home while on my January Whole30). The jar is empty now, that is something I don't need to keep around the house! I've only had 2ish glasses of wine since Jan 31st (and 2 cocktails on Superbowl Sunday), which is a major accomplishment for me, but I also have not been very social which makes a difference.

I'm officially done with Blue Apron, cancelled my account after they shipped this week's order. It was nice to have a few meals a week on autopilot, but the meals were not so creative to make it worth it. I'm happy enough cooking for myself.

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March 1st, one month since finishing my January Whole30.

I gained 2.5 lbs this month, measurements are unchanged. :( I have been eating mostly whole30 all month. I originally intended to be 80/20 whole30, but I've been more like 90/10. I didn't work out as much as normal this month, so maybe that's the reason and I just need to move more. So my goal for this month is to workout 4+ days a week, as well as being more active overall. (On a side note, winter finally showed up in Tahoe so I'll definitely be snowboarding more, yay!) I also think I might need to scale back the starchy carbs. I've been having them nearly every meal, I'm going to try to restrict them to one meal a day and see if my scale/size budges.

Other takeaways from the month :

Brown rice pasta causes bloating (had 2x many days apart)

I hate cauliflower rice.

Ghee and nutritional yeast can be FWNB's (not together)

Coconut milk can cause digestive upset, depending on the amount.

Sugar causes sleep issues.

Also, drinking more than a cup of tea at night will make me need bathroom breaks SEVERAL times in the middle of the night. No bueno.

Sheep's milk cheese seems to be no problem, need to retest goat cheese.


So, goals for March -- more exercise, less starchy veg. I pray it will result in weight loss. (For the record, I have 20ish lbs to lose).


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