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My reintro Log


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Ok, truth bomb.... after seriously considering it.... and thinking about it... I decided on Day 28 (yesterday) to go ahead and do reintro so I can do a proper one before my kids' camping trip. My biggest fear is that our Day 10 of reintro is that it would happen on the Saturday of a weekend trip... meaning most likely Friday I would have allowed it anyway. It was to be gluten and even if I switched... WHAT IF I HAD A REACTION?? That could be no good in a tent.... in the cold, having to walk to the bathrooms at night if it got ugly.  

So we started & it worked out to start dairy today. I'm disappointed. I love dairy. My son can't have it at all (he gets bad tummy aches, vomiting if it's milk or cheese, and bad constipation) and it already looks like it may be a great once in a while thing for me now. I started sneezing, yawning a lot, & already feel foggy brained. Needs to be absolutely kept away during my super busy work time when I'm going to be getting less sleep and need every bit of brain power & energy to keep trucking. Within 20 minutes of eating cheese it I started feeling a little more groggy. Last night I started getting gassy and TMI -- it smelled bad this morning I woke up a little nauseated (like a mini hangover feeling), tired, & feeling like crap and I'm still really gassy.  So I'm already calling our house to stay dairy-free and I will only have it if I feel it is TRULY worth the grogginess & smell. Some of the hangover feeling may be the additional sugar.  This may change to stay away in a few days. I seriously can't stop yawning & I haven't yawned in so long!! 

I loved cheese/dairy too.... :wacko:  but I love how I felt before yesterday more.  I will be doing another "test" after full reintro to see if I may have a "limit" with no symptoms on dairy. Like maybe a little bit of dressing, or sour cream or if my grandma's homemade noodles don't do an effect since the milk gets cooked in. But that will be after the full intro. 

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Yesterdays Meals:
Breakfast - Eggs & banana
Lunch - Cauliflower crust pizza w/ mozzarella cheese, olive oil, garlic, spinach, chicken, artichokes, grape tomatoes, mushrooms. Before we even left the place we ate... I started sneezing, yawning, felt groggy & brain felt foggy. 

Snack - carrots, broccoli & a dab of ranch (at a birthday party)
             Ice cream --- (I think the excess sugar has caused the "hangover" feeling this morning)

Dinner - Salad from my favorite salad bar (Salata)  w/ shrimp & variety of veggies, egg, their made from scratch Buttermilk Ranch Dressing & mixed shredded cheese

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