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A first time for everything

Lady Bratface

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So, I'm going to do this!  I have completed so many different plans/diets with no luck that I might as well give this a spin too!

I have been living the low calorie life (WW) for so many years and haven't seen any sort of change in my weight that I am willing to try something new at this point. 

I don't drink coffee/sweetened soda/fruit juices.  I don't snack except for fruit.  I eat mostly home cooked meals vs packaged.  I don't drink milk and rarely have cheese or milk products.  I very rarely eat bread.  I even gave up potatoes in hopes it would cut back on my carbs.

I eat brown rice, whole wheat pasta and primarily have chicken/seafood with vegetables and some fruit. I walk 20 - 60 mins 5 days a week.   

And yet my BMI is 40.0 and I suffer with chronic back pain.

I have been on a limited calorie lifestyle for so long that the only 'bonus' I allow myself are diet soda.   I've been thinking about what ELSE I could cut out from my diet to reduce the calories. My doctor only said to make the portions smaller...walk more....make small changes.....

So, this week, I gave up the diet soda and switched to straight up green tea to replace the missing caffeine (No sugar). 

This weekend I'll be making broths and home made tomato paste/sauce so I can be sure I'm not getting any packaged-sugars.   So far, this food program looks super easy! The hard part will be not feeling guilty about the size of the portions!!  We made a trial dinner and WOW, way too much food.  Anyway--looking forward to seeing how this works cutting out the rice/wheat and getting back my awesome potatoes!  (You have no idea how much I missed them!)

Looking forward to meeting others on the journey.  I think we might start March 12.  I'm all about having my potatoes again.


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Hi there, welcome to Whole30! I just wanted to say, if you're used to limiting calories/portions, you may have some weight gain early in the program, as your body gets used to larger portions. Don't freak out! (Also, don't weigh yourself -- there's good reasons for that rule, including that unlike many diets where you lose the most in the first 10 days, people often feel they're gaining or staying the same until the last week or so of their Whole30.) Truly, just trust the process, be sure you're eating big enough meals that you easily go 4-5 hours between meals with no snacking, drink lots of water, and trust the process. 

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Thank you Shannon!  Keeping off the scale is going to be a big one since it is a daily thing for me.  This is my trial-by-fire to get rid of the diet soda....I'm less concerned about the weight.    

On diets, that first 10 pounds is only water anyway! :P  (For those keeping score at home).  

I always assumed my metabolism is just screwy. In that case, I'm going to be real sad and real vocal if I'm up weight after 30 days.

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