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Aaarghhhhhhh (day 15, bloody hungry and unrest)


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Hi All,

I've been sailing rather easily through all the first two weeks. But since a few days I'm eating everything compliant in sight, very hungry and restless. I've tried varieing the amounts of fats and protein for satiation. Next week, my husband will be out of town for a few days and I'm really worried now that that will end up in a complete bingefest. I've struggled with BED in the past, had therapy for it and it is quit managable now a days. But last night I dreamed about pringles :blink: Also, I'm quite done with only water. I drink a lot of water generally, but sometimes I do need something in the water (and no, lemonjuice does not work for me) to keep drinking it without feeling "washed out".

A normal day

1 - 1,5 servings protein sources (either leftover or fresh cooked)
palm full of green/fresh vegetables (salad, spinach)
handful of starchy vegs, like leftover potato, sweet potato, or something like carrots or beets
closed handful of nuts

2 servings of fruit

Identical to brekkie, I do vary the fats, with olives or avocado. No fruit.

1-2 servings of protein
2-3 servings of assorted veg, I always mix denser veg with things like cucumber and salad.
1 serving of fat

Snacks: nuts, berries, mango, eggs, melon, cherry tomatoes, etc: as needed, usually 2/3 times a day. 

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You are not eating enough, sorry to say. It's a bit difficult to tell what you're actually eating the way you've written it out but here are some tips:

The "palm" measurement is for protein. The length, width and thickness of your own palm, 1-2. Veggie servings are 2-3+ cups of cooked or equivalent. Salad greens are nothing and certainly a handful is going to munch down into nothing. Go for sturdier veggies and around 3 cups per meal. Starchy veggie serving is around the size of your own fist and our recommendation is to start with one fist-sized serving per day.

Bump up your veggie serving and remove the fruit from your first meal of the day; anecdotally we have hundreds of people telling us that fruits in the morning contribute to earlier hunger, false hunger and cravings. Stop snacking on fruits all together, it's not helping you. Fruit is recommended to be 0-2 fist sized servings per day and only with meals, not as snacks or dessert. Take one of your fruits and add to lunch if you desire.

Try and compose your meals so that they are getting you 4-5 hours comfortably between, thus negating the need for snacks. If you do need to eat between meals, focus on protein + fat or protein + veggies but try not to rely on snacking and definitely not 3 times a day.

For water, you can add a splash of fruit juice (check ingredients) for flavour, sparkling waters like la croix or maybe a nice tea? 

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Thank you for a bit of a kick in the keister LadyShanna!

At mealtimes I have been slipping a bit I do realise now. I often feel so stuffed after a big meal so I've been gradually getting back into a bit of an old diet mindset. The servings I mentioned in my post are about template-ish, but I do still worry a bit about overeating so I might have been overestimating things.

I'll try to do better the coming days :D

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